The Stash

I’m still a fledgling collector, so this isn’t really anything spectacular. Anyways, I’m going to have to update this tomorrow or on Friday with better individual pics. The lighting in my room is horrible and I really don’t like flash. I’m also not in the mood to fix up the mess.

And by mess, I mean my workstation, which is my way of making desk-covered-with-dust-and-little-girls sound nice.

I never really collected manga like some of my peons friends, though I am planning on grabbing the Black Lagoon series. The ones in the back are my Negima!’ 1-23. I’m missing a few because my friend borrowed them aaaages ago and she lives too far for me to go chase em back. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to though. I’ve got a repeat of 18, because a) I forgot I had it already and b) it has stickers. I like stickers. Sorta. I’ve got a few Shugo Charas there as well, 1-4 to be exact. I haven’t been following it with as much, though I probably should. The number of anime episodes is kinda starting to scare me though. I seriously hope it doesn’t turn into a mahou shoujo dragonball. IKUTO IKUTO! WHAT DOES THE SCOUTER SAY ABOUT HER MOE LEVEL? ITS OVER NINE THOOOOUSAND!! -shot- I’ve got Ikkitousen 1 and 8 as well. Yeah, just 1 and 8. They didn’t have the rest in stock at the time, and I haven’t stepped in a bookstore in ages. Well, actually, I did a while back, but it was to borrow the washroom.

Beside my mangas is my magical 2-disc/iPod player. It turns into a giant robot and fights aliens with pewpew laser beams.

K, not really, but it does have this blue lighting that’s kinda cool at night. The audio isn’t bad either. I just feel kinda bad for the iPod because I barely use it anymore. I switched back to a Sony a few monthes back.

Finally, I have my artbooks.

Don’t mind the Hetalia coin set, I bought it for a friend for xmas, but we decided to do secret santa instead. It’s her birthday present now, so that things gonna be sitting there for months. Let’s hope I don’t jump on the Hetalia-wagon and steal it.

Underneath it is my Pixiv Fantasia III event book. It’s actually my newest addition, but already it’s one of my favourites. I love the whole fantasy theme, and I love seeing work by indie artists.

Starting from the left, is my Comickers Art 1 and 2. Nothing too special, though the article involving the Zero no Tsukaima manga was neat.

Comic Artists Asia 2 and 1 are next. 2 was a gift from 2 very close friends, and 1 was one of my first artbooks, and was what got me into collecting.

Japanese Comickers is next. Like the previous ones, it’s more of a gallery of artists, rather than focusing on a single one.

Beside it, is So-u-en, from Noizi Ito; which is focused mainly on Shakugan no Shana, but also includes some of her other works.

Next in line is OXIDE2, from Hyung Tae Kim. Amazing art, amazing designs, ’nuff said.

The green and white one beside it is Yasu Illustrations Toradora Pictures, by Yasu. Did I ever mention how much I like Toradora!? No? Well, that’s because I don’t like it. I fucking love it, love it love it LOOOOOOOOOVE it. So yeah.I’m not too familiar with his other works, though I’m definately willing to give them a try.

Next to Yasu’s (TOOOOOORADOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAA!) artbook is Megami Magazine vol. 16; which more of an artbook/magazine hybrid. Came with a poster too.

Ugetsu Kakua’s Flamboyant is next, the one in red with a scantily clad lady on the spine. A big portion of it is Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel) related, with a fair selection of his other works as well.

Then I have T2’s Art of Shining Wind, which is more or less a compilation of the concept arts behind the game. I’m seriously hoping to get my hands on more Tony stuff.

My Busou Shinki magazine is next. Vol 1 features the art of Strarf bis/Asuka and Arnval Tranche, from Shimada Humikane, one of my favourite artists. Theres a section with a modified Arch and Yda as well. Shame I don’t read Japanese.

Speaking of Shimada Humikane, I have his artbook next. I’m a huge fan of mecha musume, and this artbook helped fuel this obsession even more. Big section on Strike Witches and low-cut pantsu. Shame there isn’t much Sky Girls in it though; I love the sonic diver designs.

Pixiv Annual 2009 is next, another massive collection of artists. Beside it is Pixiv Girls Collection, which covers a wide range of styles and genres, long as theres girls in it.

Haruaki Katō’s Hyakko! Artworks is next to it. I haven’t found anyone else whos heard of Hyakko!, which is a total shame. It’s not-so-slice-of-life comedy, definately one of the best in the genre that I’ve seen. One of the characters share a name with me too. :3

Then another Pixiv one, which is more of an illustrated tutorial to some of the big name artworks on the site, such as Huke’s Black★Rock Shooter, was done. Came with a DVD I’ve yet to explore.

Apple Vol.1 is next, which is a collection of artists as well. I bought it hoping for more Hyung Tae Kim than the cover art, but it’s still an amazing anthology. It’s all in full color too.

Finally, there is my Peach Pit one, which is actually my first ever artbook. Most of it is DearS and Zombie Loan related, with a bit of Rozen Maiden.

Theres probably a few more that I missed too, somewhere in my room. I’ll make a post if I find/buy more.

Moving on, is my gunpla, which is on top of a shelf not shown in the original pic. I lost all of mine a few years back during a really hasty house change, so I’m slowly rebuilding.

Pictured is an RVF-25 (the ghosts are in a drawer somewhere….unassembled….just like the RVF’s hands and guns. Luca’s kinda screwed), VF-25 Alto Saotome Custom, both from Macross Frontier, which booted Gundam Wing from it’s position as my favourite mecha series. I’ve yet to watch the older ones for Macross or Gundam, though I’ve seen parts of 0083.

I’ve got a HG Lunamarie Hawke Gunner Zaku Warrior behind a Gurren mkII, from Gundam Seed Destiny and Code Geass R2 repectively.

MG Exia is standing next to them, with a MG Strike Noir next to it. The other two are Zakus as well, Gunner Warrior and Concert version.

I’m planning on getting a few more Macross ones, which are seriously fun to build. I’m not sure which ones to get from Gundam, because I never really got into Seed or 00. As much as I enjoyed Geass, the models don’t have much detail, or challenge. I might pick up a few Armored Core ones too. Anyone got good suggestions?

And no, I don’t paint them, not yet anyways.

I’ll move back to the mess, and once again starting from the left:

Shana figmas x 2

The regular hair version from Fan Expo, and the flame hair version I got in at dtac. +1 to Momo for finding them for me.

On top of the mangas are a couple Kerero Gunso ones I got for xmas.

Then, there’s my beloved Busou Shinkis.  Asuka is the one in red and white, and is based on a WWII warplane, it was also the first of my Shinkis. MMS Type Devil Strarf bis is the black on in front with the hammer and the grenade launcher. The teal Shinki in the back is Yda, which is based some kinda off-road vehicle. I don’t have a pic of her as the vehicle, but I’l; be sure to get one for later. The design is a lot cooler than I make it sound. I actually have another, Schemetterling, but, I’m an idiot and didnt realize that the EX set Shinkis come with armor, and no body, so I technically have 3 and a half Shinkis. I need to find a naked flesh MMS body (cough cough gift idea)

Yuki Nagato Clock. This is the only Yuki related thing I have for now. I know, I fail.

The bulk of my collection is here. Figures/Nendoroids include:

1/8 Mizore Shirayuki, Louise nendoroid, 1/8 Sheryl Nome, Aisaka Taiga ( Thanks to Yuki/Rin for getting it for me♥), 1/8 Chō’un Shiryū and the long awaited Black Rock Shooter.

It really is a shame there aren’t more Mizore ones out there. I’d love to have one of her in her kimono. I’m going to order the Real Emotion Sheryl later as well, once my I get some of my other things. Finally, I can not wait until I get my Miss Contest Taiga.

Gashapon/trading figures-

Azusa Miura from im@s, Yaya from Shugo Chara, a pair of VF-1s; the second being Hayao Kakizaki’s, Rosie from Valkyria Chronicles, and a pair of Sheryl Nomes, Love Slinger and her original concert outfit.

I got the Azusa/VF-1s/Rosie a couple days back. Was hoping for Iori in the im@s box, but I’m happy with what I got. As for the Macross boxes, I’ve only seen Macross Frontier, so I was hoping for to score form that time frame, especially the armored VF-25 and Brera’s VF-27. I’m fine with Rosie as well, but I was looking for Alicia/Edie/Selvaria.

I guess this is part of the fun of getting trading figures.

In addition to these, I have the VN02 Miku, 1/8 Flandre Scarlet, Miss Contest Taiga Aisaka on pre-order. I think I had a few more, but I’m drawing a complete blank at the moment. I’ll update when I get them/remember them/order more.

Oh, and I’ve got Mio, Haruhi and Shakugan no Shana wall scrolls that I didn’t take pics of.

I don’t have any dakimakuras yet, though I am eyeing a few. They’re not really ero ones, so minds out of the gutter.

Anyways, my modest, but growing collection as of Jan. 20 2010

  1. I see BRS. ;w;

    • pixiv B★RS miku
    • January 20th, 2010

    Random comment queen has arrived. Start.

    pixiv pixiv pixiv pixiv PIXIV!! <3
    Hyung Tae Kim… will definitely check it out. -is not racist I SWEAR-
    This comment surely gives away my identity: KERORO GUNSO!! Reminds me of Seohyun and her keroro plushieee w<
    Dang… that "clock" is more like "picture frame with clock included as extra"
    B★RS B★RS B★RS B★RS B★RS!! <3
    VN02 Miku Miku Miku Miku Miku!! <3

    I am done random commenting. End.

      • wakarimasenlol
      • January 20th, 2010

      I wonder who this could be e_e

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