Weekend recap

It’s Sunday night.


That mean’s exam period is over. Almost. I have my Modern Western history one tomorrow, then I’m done. I’m  not worried about it though. I’ve already done the course, so much of it is review, technically. My memory isn’t the greatest, but a quick visit to wikipedia should be more than enough review. Yeah, wikipedia, because organization isn’t my forte either. Anyways, the only thing I should worry about is when regular classes start again.

For those curious individuals who want to know what kind of intense studying Idid to give me such confidence about tomorrow, I shall pass onto you an ancient Princessian studying technique.Saturday: I hung out and played Monopoly:Nintendo Version with my friends.

Sunday: I helped out Rin and Yuki with their cosplay photoshoot, by which I mean reaching up and taping the fabric on the wall for them. :3Afterwards, we went and watched Book of Eli, which, for those who have yet to see it, it’s a pretty awesome movie. The acting was superb and the sory well-paced with an unexpected twist at the end.

Yeah, events from two hours ago are considered ancient history, that’s how bad my memory is. Comment on it and feel my royal wrath.

I forgot pics of both days, because I’m not the kind of person who carries a camera around, and because I don’t have a usb that’s compatible with my phone. FFFF

I promise I won’t fail as hard next time.

As for this week’s loot; I haven’t gotten any, but I did order a Tenori Tiger sweater/ Dengeki Festival, which comes with a dakimakura of Ryuubi, from Koihime Musou. I’ll probably end up hanging it wallscroll style.

I’ve also finally placed my order for my puchimaster rubber stamp set, vol2. I hopped on the im@s train after the first set was released, so I missed out on some of the other characters. Not going to make that mistake again. I’m still waiting for my other magazine, which comes with an Index keycharm. My phone’s gonna end up a mess of keycharms and dangly ornaments. I really should check on that order, since it’s been a while since I ordered it.

I’m also planning on picking up a couple Yamatogawa collections; Aqua Bless and Taihen Yokudekimashita. I gotta wait til the bank clears my payment though. I just hope they don’t go out of stock.

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