Iro iro~

Many many things have happened~

I know, I’m a fgt for using that reference, but many many things did happen.

First off, we all know how I  missed my Modern Western History exam, right?

Well, on Wednesday, I missed my art field trip too. Ok, more like, I decided to ditch because I didn’t want to spend the afternoon walking around downtown, looking at art galleries. Instead, I walked around downtown, looking at hobby/electronics/book stores. I had work that night so I didn’t really buy anything, and because I didn’t have the money to. (I didn’t realize that auto-bank tellers took that long to process paycheques. Never, ever, evaaar going to use them for chequeing again.) I did pick up Maria+Holic vol. 1 and 2 from chapters though. I watched it over the weekend, and it is hilarious. I know, there was more ero-comedy than plot, but I still loved it. There’s something about Matsurika’s coldness that gets me going. I think I’m a masochist. Then that means Mariya’s my type too…but the penis…e_e.

I was going to pick up Azumanga Daioh/Black Lagoon/Shakugan no Shana/Rosario+Vampire as well, but I decided to wait until mtac or AN to get them. Discounts and series purchases go together like curry chicken and rice people.

Maria+Holic 1&2

Speaking of discounts, guess who’s getting a Len Kagamine figma for $6.87. What happened was, Momo asked me to help her buy the Len Nendoroid, which I ended up getting her for her Christmas present. When it arrived, guess what was inside? The figma. Yup, Otacute sent the wrong item. So after a few emails, I was offered the figma for $6.87, a 70% discount. I personally don’t care too much for it, but Momo happened to have a few friends who would fight to the death was interested in it, so I’m most likely going to sell it to one of them. Otacute would still send the Nendoroid over, which they would buy off other places if they need to. I actually expected them to give a refund, but this course of action seriously says a lot about their dedication to their patrons. +1 you guys.

The figma in question, for those curious/if Momo’s friend(s) are reading:

As for other purchases I made this week, I bought Taihen Yokudekimashita, from Yamatogawa, the collector’s edition, which comes with a towel, which I’ll have to hide in my closet, and a pocket-sized calender. I swear I read them for the story. I opted out of Aquabless for now.

I picked up Dengeki Festival as well, which comes with a Ryuubi dakimakura cover. Yeah, Koihime fandom. It also explains the purchase of Oshima Miwa Illustrations [COLOURS]. For those unfamiliar with the name, Oshima was the chief character designer/chief animation director in both the Koihime Musou adaptations, as well as several other titles. Judging from the cover, [Colours] should have a hefty Koihime section. Even if it doesn’t, it’d still be a nice addition to my stash.

The purchase of the week, however, is the Idolm@ster Gothic Princess puchi nendoroid set. It’s. Idolm@ster. Need I say more?

My Miss Contest Taiga Aisaka shipped out this week too. Maybe it’ll get here around the same time as my Tenori Tigers sweater.

Pics of all these when they come of course.

Moving away from the loot though…crap…..train of thought derailed. Haaaaaaaaang on. (sidenote: one of my friend’s dickwad ex-bfs stole that line from me, forgot which one, or I’d pop his kneecaps. Another of her bf’s stole my dp too. If it was the same guy, I’m going to set fire to his house.)

Oh, right. I got back a couple of my exams back. Would have been three but I missed one. Rofl. 12/20 on my Literature one, media I managed 88%, which was slightly less than I thought I would have gotten, but still a fair mark for 4 pages, one-side double space worth of royal chicken scratch. In comparison, someone did 7 and a half pages, two-sided double space, and only scored 9% more than me. That’s a helluva a mark, but I already have the credit/I didn’t have to do as much work. I. Win.

I’m also making progess with my MonHan Freedom Unite too. I originally played Freedom2 back in ’08 and fell in love with the game. The HR green plessy was the wall that I never got over though. When MHP2G came out, I found a translation and set out into the world again. Eventually, the dual tigrex had me raging for weeks. When MHFU first came out, I switched over, and got past the plessy and the dual tigrex with relative ease. The narga was a pain, but I took it down too. Then, I forgot to  back up my save files when I upgraded to 5.50 Gen-B. Yeah. 200+ hours down the drain. Q_Q

I quit again afterwards and after a long hiatus, I’ve began playing again, since there really isn’t much good games out I can play ( I’ve pretty much finished Disgaea 2 already, though I still need to get the final tier gear; I’m not high enough level to take on the item gods in LoC yet). I’m currently Rank 6, with my focus on getting Rath Soul U before facing down the black diablos. I’ve gotten my silver rath runs down to udner 20 mins now. All I need is one more ruby and I’ll have the set. Fyi, I’m mainly a hammer user, and not just because of that magical schoolgirl joke from grade 10.

Finally, before I go, let me show you what I do at work when I’m bored:

Nice Boat!

Yeah, chili oil container battleships floating around in a soup warmer. We only use it in the morning when it’s super busy, so as long as I dock them before I leave, and manager doesn’t find out what I do with the supplies, it’s fine. I decided on my very last day working, I’m going to set a fleet of them loose in the warmer. Though I probably shouldn’t incase I end up losing my only job reference for the past 2 and a half years.

Anyways, it is now 2:10 am, and the coffee I had at work is starting to wear off, so I’m gonna shut up. Sleep well and sweet dreams, peons.

  1. Boats are so cute~ ^^

      • wakarimasenlol
      • January 31st, 2010


    • :B
    • January 31st, 2010

    LOL wtfbattleships.

  1. February 3rd, 2010

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