Pewpew~ o 3o

I finally picked up my GSG-92 yesterday :D

I won’t bother re-listing the specs that you can see on the box, but it’s about 2 and a half pounds.

The gun itself, with the magazine out. The CO2 tank sits in the mag right behind the BB clip. It needs to be screwed in with one of those L-shaped boltscrewy tool thingies, which probably means I won’t be running around changing the tank on the fly. Yet, anyways.

The slide is designed to lock in this position when the clip runs out. A simple flick of a switch releases it.

As for it’s firepower, it’s about 95m/s, which I believe is a bit under what my friend has, but it’s still enough for me to pop some cans, and I have no doubt that it’d hurt.

Steel BBs vs Coke can from across the room:

Steel BBs vs Flasher-kun

I know right, I can’t believe I missed his peepee. In my defence, it’s pretty small. As for those chest wounds, I didn’t even remember drawing nipples. Someday, I’ll get a 1:1 scale cut-out for target practise, instead of this palm sized pervert.

Moving on from my pseudo-penis-slaughter, remember when I said I liked discounts, and curry chicken? Well, I went to a warehouse that Momo told me about, and picked up some manga; Black Lagoon vol 1-4 + 6, Rosario+Vampire vol.4-6+8 and Shakugan no Shana vol. 3

10 mangas for 22.60. Yeah, they were 2 dollars + tax each. I’d have bought more but they didn’t carry many titles, or the other volumes….or curry chicken.


  1. Haha, $2 mangas are the best type of manga, who cares about the titles. ;P
    Ehhh, I’m pretty sure there were a bunch of Black Lagoon vol. 5’s there yesterday… @_@”

      • wakarimasenlol
      • January 31st, 2010

      Yeah, but there weren’t any left when I went, unless they were at the bottom of those cardboard dumps, then, they’d be so damaged I should get paid to take them.

      • @A@ yeah, a lot of the books where in crappy condition, but i think it was because they were dumped in those boxes.

    • Neko~
    • January 31st, 2010


    • :B
    • January 31st, 2010


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