I love Mandarake, and their godly speed~ My artbook and puchi nendo IM@S are heeere.

First up, the artbook.

There wasn’t as much Koihime as I hoped ( atually, there was barely any Q_Q) but I’m not gonna complain too much.

Nids.Moar.Koihime. and Choun.

And of course, the puchi nendos, which I’ve been looking forward to all week long.I just got off work, and I’m a bit dizzy from the bus AC, so my hand was shaking a bit. My magical chariot is still at the autoshop, so I had to commute like a commoner. How long does it take to attach jet engines to a wagon anyways. >_>

This brings my IM@S puchi count to 7, with another 6 planned. In other words, my table is slowly being filled with tiny pop idols. Eventually, they’re going to take over the world, and there’s nothing we can/should do about it.

This batch comprises of :




Chihaya ( I thought it was Azusa at first until I noticed the lack of an antenna)

Guess which twin this is:

It’s Ami, she ties to the right :3

And last but not least, Kotori.

I wish they made full size nendos of the IM@S group. Q_Q

With today’s arrival, I am now officially out of space, and that means I really should put together that shelf I bought moooonths ago. I’m probably going to use that top for additional figure space, and the bottom racks for manga and artbooks. I’m running out of room to put the boxes too. Yes, I am a packrat. I save my boxes. I need to find a place to hide my Yamatogawa when it comes too. I’m thinking hidden compartments, intricate traps, and a fire-breathing dragon with chain-saws for teeth.

That or I’ll just leave it out on the table :’D

  1. Yay for saving boxes! (we’re saving trees?!)
    Haha, soon your desk will be taken over by chibis like mine. I approve~

      • wakarimasenlol
      • February 9th, 2010

      It’s happening to me because I’m such a paedoprincess though.

    • :B
    • February 10th, 2010


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