Long weekend~ ;O

It’s Saturday night, and you know what that means. Tonight is when Princess sits down with a bottle of strawberry lotion and her Kodomo no Jikan DVDs and enjoys herself.


Just kidding. I downloaded it.

I usually try to do these weekend recaps on Sunday so I can put in stuff I did on Saturday. However, I’ve done squat today, and it’s too late to try. It’s a four-day weekend too. What a waste. >_>

I waaaaas supposed to do my artist trading cards/literature presentation, but I’ll do the cards tonight and the literature thingy tomorrow morning. Fffffff post-colonial fiction.

Least Monday will be somewhat productive, gonna go meet up with my friends for bubble tea and for Anime North pre-regs.Everyone’s broke though, apparently. e_e

Then again, I’m short on cash right now too. I blew most of it on puchi-nendos and some other stuff. So much to get, so little income. Maybe I should annex some new territories, like Alberta, or wherever the hell Calgary is. Then I can force Sabrina back here. :’D

Pay cheque came last night, but since I wasn’t working, and I’m not really assed to grab it, I’ll have to wait until work tomorrow night to take it, then wait until Tuesday to cash it. Banks aren’t open on Monday because of family day.


Which means I won’t be able to order anything until then. I really should be saving up though. I need to get my cosplay still, as well as Win7, which means cutting back on the loot.

Speaking of loot, everything that came you’ve already seen, but I placed an order for a Toradora! bedsheet and A LOT more cellphone straps. Wahahaa. I’ve got a set of 10 IM@S charms on pre-order, 3 Love+ ones, a Misaka strap coming with my Dengeki ( I think it was this one ) and on Tuesday night, I’m ordering a batch of Touhou ones too. Oh, I’ve got a Sheryl Nome strap coming in the mail too. Fuck yeah.

I hit HR8 on MonHan too. I ended up hammering the Narga with full Butterfly S armor for the evade +2. Still a tough fight for me though. I really need to work on those Narga runs, but first, I want my full G-rank Soul armor. I need to find a good PSP game to play for when I can’t go into superconcentration mode too. Suggestions anyone?

  1. Annexing places, go for it. (Y)

      • wakarimasenlol
      • February 13th, 2010

      First, I take over your house. Hoho

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