Remember how I said I love Toradora!?

Guess what came today~ :’D

Well, technically, on Tuesday but I wasn’t home to sign for

The Miss Contest Taiga Aisaka. Isn’t she adorable? No? I’ll farking bash yer face in. e_e

Even the box is adorable! It’s kinda small compared to other boxes too. o 3o

It’s actually smaller than my HG gundam boxes LxW wise, but deeper.

She comes with 3 faces, although 2 of them are really similar. My cam battery died so I’m missing a face. Oops. I’ll update tomorrow night.

Her :D face

>: face

This is where her kinda bored-looking face will be.

From the back!

The overall sculpt is pretty nice; the flow of the dress is done exceptionally well, and her facial expressions really captures the infinite moe that is Taiga. I know, the lighting sucks in my room, I’ll probably redo all these pic tomorrow or Saturday, depending on when I get time. For now though, bask in the glory that is Taiga.

And me.

Don’t forget me. QA Q

Oh, and yeah you can see her pantsu. It’s pretty detailed too rofl. No pics. Her tiny pvc pantsu are all mine.

  1. Cute~ ^^

  2. cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ><!!!

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