I was busy o 3o

and by busy I mean lazy.

Seriously though. It’s been a hectic week, with two assignments to work on and a politics exam coming up on the fourth. Of course, I barely worked on any of them. :’D So exactly what has Your Royal Highness been up to?

Well, I spent time volunteering with disabled children, I helped with a hospital fundraiser and I donated a portion of my treasury to third world countries.

o 3o

Yeah, I lied. I did princess-y things, like sleeping, and playing monster hunter. I hit HR9 a couple nights ago, and now I’m working on a full Rath Soul set, as well as the G-Rank Narga set. My narga runs are still a bit iffy, but I’m getting the hang of it’s attacks, and most of the hits I take are from miscalculations.

That or my PSP’s been distracting me.

Taiga aaaaand Sheryl?

Yup. I bought the Sheryl strap, though I planned on doing it long ago. I still need to put in the new back plate. I decided to use an iM@S one. That pretty much covers all my current addictions; I just need a curry chicken accessory charm now.

I’ve got at least 15 charms in the mail right now too. :’D My iM@S rubber stamps should be released this week or next week, the Love+ ones next month a couple coming with magazines. Yeah, I’ve been splurging lately.

I made 3 orders from Mandarake in a week. I pretty much blew a pay cheque and more. Totally worth it though. Figs, artbooks, Taiga, puchi nendos. Of course, there will be pics later. :3

Moving on to other things, we had like, the third or fourth snowfall of the winter today. Pretty pathetic imo, since it IS Canada. A few years back, there was a maaassive snowstorm. Poor Flasher-kun had to shovel. In the nude of course. (What, nobody knew he’s a real person? LOL)

Of course, our new palace is much easier for him to shovel.

See, we have these weird immigrant neighbours that moved in a while back, and they have this complex where they think by owning more sidewalk, they become more powerful. Must be some kind of penis envy. I wonder if Flashy gets that way.

Whatever, point is, they have this habit of shoveling part of our sidewalk as well, which means Flashy does less, and which means he loves them. On the other hand, I can’t stand them. Not because they’re immigrants or anything, but because they also have this habit of leaving their garbage bins outside, next to the door.

I tried to talk to them already, and they said they’d put it in later when the weather gets warmer. They need the extra car space apparently. Kinda BS because my chariot fits in the garage, and the garbage bins too. My ride has rocker engines. Theirs doesn’t. TL;DR, stupid excuse.

Which is why I sent a pack of rabid raccoons after their waste.

And by pack of rabid raccoons, I mean Flasher-kun in a raccoon suit.

And by Flasher-kun in a raccoon suit, I mean Flasher-kun naked.

Heres a diagram. o 3o

lololol. Penis raccoon.

I think they’re disgusting fucks, but Flashy says it’s probably a cultural thing, like how when he dangles his raccoon in your face, it means he’s saying hi.

Actually, dangling his raccoon in your face is how he says everything. As disgusting as that sounds, it’s actually kinda useful sometimes; Flashy makes an awesome bodyguard.

Imagine walking down the street, and some unruly thug comes up to you and demands money. With Flashy around, there’s nothing to worry about.

The robber pulls a gun, and gets all HAY KEED GIMMEE YER WALLE-


Or when I run into rabid fans/pedophiles. A sweaty looking nerdy kid comes up to you with a camera, and is all “Haay little girl.SNORT. Can I like, get a picture of yo-


“Hi, welcome to McDonald’s. How can I-


Extremely convenient, if I say so myself.

Anyways, if they don’t take care of the garbage later, it’s penis dangle time.

Oh, crap right. Forgot. I caught Momo singing on the phone, and ended up doing this while convincing her to go sing k sometime. xD

    • Neko~
    • February 22nd, 2010

    XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD~! You retard~! Dude I was just making my update when you sent me this!! Love the “BAM! PENIS DANGLE” and nice diagram, couldn’t have done it better myself XDDDD

    • wakarimasenlol
    • February 22nd, 2010


  1. Your drawings are so cuteeeee. *w*
    You should totally put their bins IN FRONT of their door. So they can see how disgusting it is. Also, you can watch them struggle to get out of their house this way! 8D

    • LOL only if you can find one with Vocaloid songs. (and good japanese ones too. and english. LOL) But then I would fail because the japanese songs are in japanese and I can’t sing in japanese. 8D

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