Koihime Musoverload~

Sorta. My Ryuubi dakimakura came a couple days ago, but I never had time to hang her up/take pics/post/* A*~ over her properly. I thought I’d be a lot more excited over popping my dakimacherry but schools been hectic the past week. 2 assignments down, one exam/one test to go. I just hope my Yamatogawa comes after or well before them or the reason the Middle East hates America is because of schoolgirl boobies.

So yeah, as you might have guessed, this week was pretty uneventful, since I spent most of my time in the basement working as opposed to goofing off in there.

You’ll notice I said pretty uneventful and not completely uneventful. To sum up the week, I  rediscovered my love for Taco Bell, then remembered why I hated it. I blew money ( as usual ) and experienced romance. ;0

I had a sudden craving for burritos while out with Rin and Yuki, so I ended up getting a Volcano. I gotta admit, it was a bit msg heavy, but still pretty good. Actually, it was really good. Of course, it had been at least a year or two since I’ve had Taco Bell, or Mexican food in general, so it really isn’t my fault I forgot that Mexican food makes you arrribaa arrribaaa for the potty.

Other than the lolimizugi Taiga figure and a few other doujins, I paid for my cosplay this week as well. I can’t wait til it comes~ * A* My im@s rubber straps and my BRS mug just got released last night too. <3

The romance thing is actually two part.

I finished making my G-Rank Narga hammer, the Deep Darkhammer. The name totally fails, but it is one sexy hammer. 1248 raw, with purple sharpness and an innate 50% affinity. When used with my Reckless Abandon +3 Rath Soul, I’m getting 80% aff. For those who don’t monhan, shame on you. Affinity is basically critical rate, so 80% means 4/5 of my attacks get a 125% damage boost, along with the innate buff that comes with purple ( max ) sharpness. That’s a lot of damage. I’m having problems getting down silver Rath weak enough to catch without killing it. -_- I’m still missing a Heavenly Scale for the Soul Greaves. I’m still contemplating if it’s worth the trouble for the Silver Sol set. That means I’ll need another 5 scales, but if I remember correctly, it gives ESP ( cancels weapon bounces ) and Attack Up ( attack up >_> )

After that, I still need 2 Narga Heavenly scales for the Narga set. I couuuld settle for the Butterfly set, and not have to worry about the Attack Down that comes with the Narga, but it’s got lower defence, and doesn’t have Evade Distance Up. Besides, I can just stick in an attack+ jewel or two.

And the actual romance part ;o

No, princess does not have a new lover. Rather, she witnessed a heartwarming scene.

I saw a man help his pregnant wife cross the street.

Against the light.

At an intersection.

I never will understand Chinese immigrants, or why they would rush across a slushy street with a pregnant lady, when the light is due to change in about 5 seconds. We have those countdown timers at most streets now, so you can’t really feign stupid either.

Maybe they’ve eaten at my place before. o 3o

Ok, I lied, I actually did fall in love.

With Kana Hanazawa’s voice.

It’s. So. Moe. * A*

She voices Nadeko Sengoku ( what a sexy name, seriously ) from Bakemonogatari, as well as Eri Mizutani from the new im@s Dearly Stars game. I haven’t gotten far enough in Bakemono to get to her story arc yet, but from just her singing voice, I’m hooked. <3

I’m really behind on my anime, so I’m hoping to spend most of the March Break on an animubinge. I need to finish Saki/Valkryia Chronicles ( though I might not get around to doing these ones for a while), then catch up on Bakemono, Hidamari Sketch, Hidamaru Kindergarden ( paedoprincess ), Railgun, and Dance in the Vampire Bund ( PPPPPPAEDO ). There’s a bunch of others too that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Nyaaa, can’t wait.

To finish off, more of Ryuubi. <3

I still need to buy a pillow for her, but until then, I’ll use her as a wall scroll.

Yeah, I realize it’s slanted. I took it early morning when I was half asleep. Fuck you. o 3o

It’s censored… Q_Q


I’d show you the super ero backside, but there isn’t one. Then again, what’d you expect from a magazine freebie? I hope they make a Choun one soon~

  1. What a surprise to find such high quarity Japanese gab,
    (in English !)
    I wonder if it was from Japan or west corst of USA ?
    ( In fact I’ve expected to find something about cat, though
    young pussy isn’t too far—– anyway)
    ( In my post you may see my photo of Frank Zappa or
    some scalptuer—— but much more blah blah )

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