Puchinendo army, assemble!


Another set of im@s puchinendos, also in the Gothic Princess outfits. This is going to be a hell of a week loot wise, especially since this is the last week I buy things. I really need to start saving money, in case I don’t find another job for the summer. Anyways, I’ve still got a few more packages coming, probably in the next week or two, as well as this week.

This set came with Miki ( again, but this time in a different outfit ), Yayoi, Iori, Haruka, Azusa, and Yukiho. tl;dr, lolis + 1. :’D


Haruka: の ヮの

Those ribbons are so cute. * A*



Genki~! I really should double check the pics I take. Then again, it might be because that dress is so freaking puffy.


Shovel not included.


I realized it’s just a color variant of the other Azusa I have.  Idk why they haven’t made a Mami puchi nendo yet though. They can just reverse the hair ffs. >_>

This brings my puchinendo army to 11, and with another one, not im@s, coming, it’ll be a nice even 12, which means we begin marching on the world.  No more fooling around! I shall be princess of the world! Wahahahahaa~ :’>

I said, no more fooling around. >_>

In addition to the puchis, I got the Raspberyl nendoroid as well.

Moe~ * A*

MOE~ * A*

MOEEE~!!! * A*

Seriously though, she’s so adorable. makes me wanna crash Mizu’s again and finish the game. She’s probably gonna kill me for invading so much though. She’ll hafta go through my tiny adorable minions first though. D<

My Koihime guide came as well. It’s more or less a character profile of the few main chars, since there’s waaaay too much chars to cover all of them. There is a small section that’s CG art, as well as some pre-lim design sketches and a guide to the game. I think. Can’t read much JP. Q_Q


Sorry for the glare, but I am NOT scanning my precious books, in case they get bent. I wanted to knock out a couple friends who pushed on the spine a bit too much a few years back, and now that my obsession has grown, I’d probably end up murdering someone.

I wish someone would move that dog over though. It’s blocking the view.

Oh look, its Choun again. <3 Aisha (Kanu) , Rinrin and Shuri are there too.

Finally, the Touhou key-charms are here as well, and already in active service.

The residents of Scarlet Devil Mansion : Sakuya, Flandre and Remilia are on the PSP, which means I really can’t concentrate on my games. When the im@s rubber straps come, I might as well give up trying to play.

Suika is hanging out (/ridicule) with Remilia and Reimu on my phone. Bikini Remi and Reimu are from a few months back, and I can thank Leafie for giving me a employee discount. <3

Me and Leafdust bought Rin a belated birthday present that came as well, which I do not have a pic of, but it’s a Nanoha figma, from the movie.

Of course, I’ll update when the rest of my loot is here. <3

I’ll end the post with an update on those weird Chinese neighbours of mine. I caught one of them, an aging male with grey hair and a slight belly, taking out the garbage to the curb in those bright Chinese style slippers and long johns. I frigging laughed so hard.

  1. Nyah, your puchinendo army is bigger than mine! >3

    Touhou key-charms <3

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