I wish.

Fuckers at customs are detaining it until they can verify that it doesn’t have CP or any of those wierd wtf illegal fetishes.

It’s funny though, because they let the ero-towel through, scroll down for epic <3.

lol oatmealroll’d

You know I can’t post it here~

Seriously though, rage. The day after I found out, I had that politics exam that I’m pretty sure I flunked or came close to flunking too. >_> I kinda…forgot to study. orz~

Other than that, the week was pretty fail, except Saturday.

I went to the movies/bubbletea with Momo, Rin, Tubby, Delon and Coco, and pretty much just spent the day dicking around/making inappropriate jokes. Jody and niggerjewhindukid Howard came along at random intervals too. :’D

We gashapon’d, ate, gashapon’d a bit more, then left Pacific for Fairview, where we watched Cop-out. The two cop movie thing is kinda getting old, but I thought this one was pretty good. It’s those randomwtfhumour, which means it’s great for killing time. “Love a Many Stupid Things”/”God of Gamblers 2000”  are still my fave cop-comedies though. Hong Kong movies are lolwtf-cky yer imo.

We went to GoForTea @ Richmond Hill later that night for massive bbts. And when I say, massive, I mean massive.

Shitty lighting + shitty camera phone, but still good enough to see. That’s a 700ml glass of bubbletea.

Your Royal Highness ordered a coffee milk black tea as opposed to her usual taro, which was a mistake, because the moron who served us obviously fails at Cantonese. I think he gave me either a regular milk tea, or their coffee doesn’t taste like coffee.

I’ll admit, it was pretty good, and the takoyaki wasn’t bad either, but their service is really, really bad. I guess that’s what happens when you hire a bunch of spoiled Richmond Hill brats to work. The place has some stupid rule about no card games after a certain time too.

How retarded. Seriously. Why kill the number one late night tea shop hobby? >_>

After that, we hung out for a while at Times Square, while we waited for Jody’s ride. Turns out they lock the washrooms, which meant we ran down to the basement, then to the second floor, before we went the restaurant on the main floor. -_-

When we crashed Momo’s later that night, it was for super monopoly, which is really just two monopoly boards merged into one.

* A*~

It’s the Simpsons/Nintendo boards btw.

I tried to take over the Princesses again, but I had to leave early that night. Princess-y business.

As for the remainder of this week’s spoils, Mandarake sent my Taiga (<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) puchinendo, Marisa Figure as well as Momo’s Kagamiku.


From the back:

Nyaaa~ She’s so adorable. I’ve been looking for her for months, and managed to get her for 2500 yen. Those hair bundles are detachable, which means Yayoi and Haruka’s gonna love her.  Now I need the lolimizugi version, which is shipping right now. Thanks Delon!


It’s the one I saw on Jlist waaaay back for like 220 USD… I bought her for 8000yen. Mandarake = <3

The face is cute too.

Teaser angle :3~

They’re bloomers btw, but not showing you.

Unless I put an oatmeal bar there first.

I don’t have a pic of the Kagamiku, but I do have the Gashapons.

Misaka came from Dengeki Daioh, which should have shipped with my Yama. I fail @ photographs, I know, I never really got around to figuring out the camera/setting up a place to take pics. I’ll probably do it during March Break.

Bachou was a duplicate, but it’s fine. She shares a name with my maid; Sui. The other one is on my phone atm xD.


She was the one I aimed for at the beginning, but Sui x 2 came first.

This brings me to 6, count em, 6, dangly charms on my psp.

I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know more about my obsession with these things. What’s the point of having so many? What good are they for other than looking cute? * A*


They’re for self defence.

o 3o

Seriously, that many charms means every time I take a step, there’s a slight jingle. This means that when I go out with Sui, she can find me when I get distracted, and when I’m out with Flashy, it warns everyone they’re about to take a dangly charm to the face.

Of course, it doesn’t just end here.

Let’s say, I really do get lost, and out of ear-reach for the jingle, or I’m attacked. By controlling the frequency and strength of the jingle, I can activate what I call the Danglycharm Clacking Shockwave, or DCKS for short. Essentially, it’s a sound based weapon that uses powerful shockwaves that spread out 360. People hit by DCKS often feel nauseated, dizzy and numbness of the limbs. Those who are too close to the epicenter of the shockwave find themselves hit by the full force of the DCKS, and suffer bruising and the occasional violent contraction of the bowels. More often than not, DCKS will neutralize everyone within a 20 foot radius of me.

In the event that the DCKS might cause friendly fire, my charms can also be used in a different method. Scroll up, and you’ll notice that the charms are attached to the Sheryl strap, which is clipped on by a simple, yet effective mechanism.

This means I can easily release the psp, and unleash the Controlled Oscillating Charm blitzKrieg Strap, or COCKS. By using it much like a morning star, it’s possible to use COCKS as a medium range bludgeoning weapon. It’s pretty scary seeing someone swinging COCKS around the room too. The strap component of the device means COCKS can also be used to strangle someone.

Of course, it’s unlady like of me to use these weapons, and so I often rely on Flashy’s PENIS, which is short for….

Actually, it’s not an acronym…

It is short though.


I can’t believe I just said what I said.

  1. I demand uncensored version for dakimakura!!! xD

    Have to agree on that stupid rule at Go-for-Tea. No cards/chess/games after 9 pm on weekends/holidays. I am not going there again!

  2. Marisa~ >w<
    Lmfao, dangly charms story haha.

    • DarkEnvy(Howard)
    • March 27th, 2010

    That * coffee* was crap. Stupid guy doesn’t understand anything.

    The tea places name is Go For Tea. NEW ORIENTAL TEA HOUSE.
    This place is sorta FTL :/

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