I love the smell of Moe in the morning.

Actually, it’s pretty good any time of the day.

So, let’s talk about what’s been happening so far. Princess’s Taihen Yoku Dekimashita has been detained at customs, and since has been deemed to contain inappropriate material, and cannot be imported. Well, yeah. It’s porno. o 3o

Apparently, it contains “sex with pain” and “sexual assault”…

Seriously, that is so retarded. So what, it’s not like the stuff they sell at downtown pornoshacks are any better.

So now, I have to send a letter of appeal to the bastards, export it to someone else, or have it destroyed. Yeah,right, like you fuckers are destroying my H. D<

So to spite the fckers, I bought moar H, which you can see below. :’DDDD

Before I go into that, the rest of the week was pretty much just the same crap. School, work, stupid people. TL;DR, rage. I didn’t go out this Sat. like I usually do, partially because of a headache, and because of things I had to do at home.

Today was my mom’s birthday, so I didn’t go out either, except to get my precious Taiga and my doujins from Leafie.

Well, I could have gone out for a bit, but a series of communication errors set off that fiery temper of mine.

Thousands died,  and many more have been left homeless.

To make things worse, the enamel I sprayed on those Reimu/Remilia tags to protect it from water wore off, and they got soaked, meaning the color’s ruined and everything. I might just salvage the tag and make something else, or I’ll just remember them as heroes.


Whatever. >_>

I’m kinda sleepy right now, so I’ll just skip to the loot of the week.

First off, is the loli mizugi Taiga, complete with an inner tube.

The hairbun thing is so cute on her~ * A* I should try it someday too.

The tube can be removed as well, to show more of her dfc <3

and the tube itself. I’m still not sure what that smiley face thingy is.

Her facial expression is unbelievably moe~

The figure is supposed to be 1/8 scale, but she seems really small compared to the others. The Ms.Contest Taiga towers over her:

Forgot to play with the settings a bit, so their skin looks a bit off. Gawd I fail. Seriously though, she’s tiny for a 1/8. Even the box is small. My nendo boxes are almost double it’s size!

And the doujins:

I bought 4 of them, 2 from Nekomataya, and 2 from ED.

The Nekomataya ones are from iM@S, and center around Azusa and a series of rowdy encounters with Producer-san: one after a show, and the other when the two are living together as a couple:

and the ED ones are original works; about a scientist’s experimental serum, a schoolgirls’ fantasy when she’s kicked out into the hall and one about a guy who finds a yuki-onna:

Ahahahaha~ Torako☆Hime roll’d.

Expect that sexy yellow tape a lot more, because you know I can’t post this stuff here. <3

At least it’s not oatmeal right?

To end off, I finally put that iM@S back plate on my psp. The front is still Taiga though. It’s like some kinda harempsp lololol. I seriously wish the iM@S fanslation project for the psp was done, but of the 3, the closest one to completion is at 44% ish. QA Q

Kay, Princess is tired, and wants to go weedeeohgaeming.

Bai, peons.

  1. i m glad u are enjoying them ;) i look forward to your next order of H doujin xD

  2. Let’s go defeat Ucamulbas next time we meet!

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