Long due post~

Yeah, I should have done this loong ago, but stuff came up. I’ll try my best to make time for these posts regardless next time. Forgot to put a pic up of my new calender page too~

Anyways, March Break is over, and that means mtac is as well. I forgot my camera soooo I don’t actually have any pics, so just check out Delon or Robostrike’s post for pics.

The con itself was smaller then dtac, and the dealer room was pretty crap even though it costed more to get in. Caught a stand selling fake nendos too. Seriously, wtf. -_- Most of the cosplayers were Vocaloids, as usual. One of Leaf’s friends was doing the bananaLen thing, which was probably the most original Vocaloid there. The rest of our group’s cosplayers included Rin as Hideyoshi and Momo as his summoning beast. I would have loved to see your BRS one though. Anson went as Bridget ( LOL ), Kevin did Youmu again, but with an assault rifle, Yuki went as “a random Rin” and some other friends of friends. I had mine there, but I didn’t wear it because of a lack of a wig and because I just brought it along because Mizu was helping me mod it a bit. :3

Mtac pretty much went by the same way as dtac, but better weather meant people were much more energetic, which isn’t always a good thing. There was a bunch of less than fit girls in colorful kigurumi dancing around and gathering a massive crowd, and a bunch of white kids dancing to some old animu music.

Other than talking with friends, and checking out the rather lacking dealers room, ( I didn’t find much I want, but Delon managed to find some T2 doujin, which I wish I had found earlier. QA Q)  Robo and I ended up spending an hour or so trying to take down Ucamulbas in MHFU.

We couldn’t do it though. It was the first time I really tried taking him on, and I’m pretty sure it was his first too. He’s a LS user, which could means we potentially could have gotten rid of that fcking tail of his. I’m a hammer user, if you’ll recall from my previous Monhan rants. I actually beat Ucam last night during Literature, which means next time we meet, were gonna whoop him, then do some epic hunting.  4/24!

After the monhan session, Delon, Robo and I went to the food court across the street for some food. Robo lives up to his name and doesn’t require nourishment. Delon had McDonalds, and I’ll give you three guesses to what I had. Ya. Curry Chicken. lololol. I caught Mizu and her gang of delinquents in the court as well.

Baka found her way to the con, just as we were about to leave, which made me laugh at her misfortune. It was nice to see her again, after 2 years? We meant to meet up last AN, but stuff happened. As usual. >_>

I didn’t leave the con empty handed though. I bought a K-On voice box trading figure, and ended up with a Mio. I waaaas aiming for Azunyan, but a bassist if fine too. Actually, I kinda do regret getting it though, because the sculpt was kinda small and the quality of the voice box wasn’t too great. :x

Her paint job looks like it was caked on. D:

Though technically not from the con, Delon did bring me my Emotion Style Sheryl Nome.

The box:

Yeah, hottest plumber’s crack ever.

The fig:

The emotion part of the name is somewhat misleading, but overall the cleavage sculpt was pretty detailed. The paint job was beautiful as well.

A better shot of the SMS stand. The ES Ranka has the same base, which connects to this one.

I have two more Sheryls coming in the mail, both extremely rare with 200 of each in print! Sniper rifle’d off Mandarake <3 Pics when they come.

More loot from the week include my Black Rock Shooter mug, which came on Tuesday, and is already starting to develop a green tea/coffee rim. I should clean it later.

My im@s rubber stamps came with the cup as well.

These are the ones currently not in use. I might put one on my DS, or DSi if I decide to upgrade.

The ones in use are:

Haruka and Dark Haruka on my phone. My jeans are starting to dirty them up a bit. I’ll clean them up later.

You’ll notice that Suika is missing as well. Turns out Sui’s string is reinforced, and it rubbed through the original strap that was in place. Since Suika was on a metal bracket and not the strings, she slipped off, while the others hung onto a knot in the broken string. I still need to check my mom’s car for her. If she isn’t there, then QA Q.

Yayoi, Yukiho and Iori are hanging on my psp, which now weighs about the same as the straps I have on it.

I have my Love+ straps that should be released this month, which means even moar moeness.

Those of you interested in the mess in my room, here it is, with all the boxes from purchases dating back to last year. I really should clean it up.

At least the table is clean-ish.

To end off, an update on my Yamatogawa compilation. I did some research, and it turns out one of the chapters, Imp, was Yama’s first and hopefully last ropes and rape kind of story. Anyways, I had to completely rewrite my appeal letter to bring out the fact that the rest of the book was free of that stuff. This is turning into such a pain in the ass. -_-

Or up it.


  1. I look forward to contribute to your stash of empty boxes xD (well there are two coming at least! *wink*)

  2. /steals your mug.
    /and BRS as well

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