Monhan mania

Because treating my boredom and creative wall is more important than certain things like history seminars, I decided to once again tackle the training school in MHFU. I remember back in my previous attempts, I worked up from the Kut Ku, and got all the way to the Tigrex before my failtastic hunting…well, failed. So, how did it go this time? I still need to finish the Blagonga trainings and the Daimyo’s LS quest. Everything else = cleared. This is where I jump for joy and sexy yellow tape is needed to salvage my modesty.

A lot of sexy yellow tape.

Anyways, Kirins are pretty easy to lance, wtf lol 3 minute Tigrex kill and I think I’m gonna start gunlancing Gravios now, because the time I needed with the GL was so much better than my hammer time…

lol hammer time

After I tackle the school and get my Sword Saint, I need to practice my Rajang/Luna/Teo/Chameleos and Daora, because I haven’t done them in SEXYYELLOWTAPE forever. >_>

Oh, and I think I’m gonna buy Witchcraft, from Yamatogawa later. Still need to find Cheerism, from ED and some other compilations.

Fuck off CBSA. >:

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