Mio Mania * A*

So yeah, I’m a pretty big fan of K-On!, and of course, that means the ever moe-ful bassist Mio Akiyama as well; and by pretty big fan I mean I went and bought not one, not two, three, four or five but SIX of Alter’s rendering of her a while back. Guess what came today?

Being the annoying brat I am, I’m going to tell you guys about my week, and more specifically about today before I drop a bunch of Miobombs on you guys <3

So since it’s Sunday, and the weather is absolutely gorgeous, I decided that I’ll finally clean my room, in anticipation for the Mio. Essentially, I was going to clear away the boxes, make room for a little shelf and just get rid of some of the dust and crap.

Exhibit A:

I had to pile all my junk on my bed to give me room to move, because of the Queen sized mattress lol.

The shelf is already in place by the time I snapped the pic. I never realized I had so much junk under the boxes. I found old homework, old drawings, a fruit knife in it’s protective carrier, lots of plastic wrappers and a half finished can of Arizona. They say fine wine improves with age. Green tea doesn’t.

Don’t be stupid, I didn’t drink it.

Some of my newer manga and the monthly’s that I bought for the omakes on the bottom shelf, with my H cleverly concealed. The second shelf are a few of the semiartbooks I own, meaning my Comickers, APPLE, the Busou Shinki magazine, Megami volume something and some others. The top shelf now hold my Shinki’s and maybe a few other figures later.

Then there’s my trophy wall, which is really just empty boxes.

Next week, I’m going to clean out the desk, which has accumulated about a year’s worth of scrap paper, gunpla runner clippings and eraser shavings.

Hey look, it’s a Mio. You know what that means ;D~

No, it does not mean I have shakey hands.

Is your heart going doki doki with excitement?

Because mine is. It’s pounding like my legs after I hiked from Steeles and Woodbine to First Markham Place. I’ll tell you about it now to calm your beating chest before I give you a stroke.

After grabbing Howard’s titties my NDSTT from Hinduniggerjew Howard and dimsum with Leafdust and her family, I was supposed to meet Delon, who ended up not being able to come because it was too far to go to with his precious in the autoshop. So the plan was simple, take Brimley to Steeles, then Steeles to Woodbine, where I would take the YRT up to Highway 7 and then either walk or transfer to a bus and get to FMP. Apparently, Sundays + YRT = shit service. Meaning, from the time I decided I’ll just walk up Woodbine to Highway 7, to the when I got to Highway 7, I didn’t see a single bus going my way. That’s about an hour or so. e_e

I met with Delon, paid him for my stuff/Leaf and Jody’s conservative SFW comics, then had myself some BBT with him at the food court, where there was some Chinese foundation performing. After watching a bunch of tiny Asian girls in shiny blue tights do the “Lucky Fish” ballet dance, and listening to the MC karaoke some old Chinese song, we moved off to discuss more important things, like H. Actually, that’s what we talked about up to the time we split for the day. Apparently, I could have taken the YRT up to the YMCA, then Viva’d to FMP. -_-

For the record, Viva buses are so much more comfy then the TTC. At least the TTC makes the YRT look bad. Their seats look like someone slapped tacky coverings on McDonald’s seats.

Now that you’re fat on filler,s you probably can’t fit down six Mios right? :’D

I’m kidding. Here, I opened the box and got rid of the paper.

Gotcha <3

What the hell would I buy 6 of the same figure for? What actually came in addition to Leaf’s doujins were my two  Usagi Sheryl Nome figs and the Brilliant Stage Aisaka Taiga <3

This is probably going to be the one time where a Taiga fig doesn’t steal the show.

Cute facial expression, and a fluid,curvy pose gives additional moe appeal to the DFC. <3 She does look a bit chubby compared to the originals though.

The two Rabbit Sheryls I originally heard were limitedto 200 each in print, though I think it might have been false. However, it’s still pretty friggin’ awesome.

Before we go crazy, I want to point out the stand looks amazing.

It interlocks with the Black Rabbit one:

Less dynamic, still cool.

Anyways, White Rabbit, who’s actually a pearly, greenish tint:

She looks cuter than sexy in this rendering, as opposed to the typical opposite.

The back is plain compared to the front, with the giant cloth wings.

Cutest not so flat chest ever.

The pearly gloss is a bit wierd, but since there isn’t much light on my table, it’s not as bad. Of course, I don’t have that problem with the massive Black Rabbit, definitely the catch of the day!

There’s that sexy I was talking about earlier. That headpiece is massive too.

The hair looks amazing, just wish my camera-ing was too. QA Q

Her staff’s color is a bit sloppy, but in it’s defense, it is tricky with the swirls and the design. That’s a frigging rose on the staff about the size of your pinky nail, maybe smaller.

No complaint’s about the face.

Or the cleavage.

Ranka is cute and girly as usual, and I’d love to get my hands on those cups.

The drinking cups, not Ranka’s. >_>

Before I close off to finish my Politics assignment/load my TT up, small update on that Monhan training spree. I’m currently working on Rajang, with just Lance and the Light bowgun left to do. Afterwards, the only thing I should even have any problem with is the Plesioth. * A*

Sword Saint Piercing, here I come!


  1. Now I know who stole my Alter Mio box xD

    Love that black usagi!

  2. Ahh white bunny is super cute. >w<

  1. June 19th, 2010

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