Suuuuck it, bish~ :V

This is essentially how I felt after finishing the school’s special training, and getting the SSP which I doubt I’ll even use. Least I get bragging rights.

The Plesioth/Cephadrome was such a pain in the ass though. Not so much the actual fighting, but the way they pop up out of hiding, do one attack, then pop back in for another 2-3 minutes. I ended up averaging 15 mins a kill with plessy, while Cepha averaged 7 mins.Fail, but I still got it done. Whatevar~ >:U

Now, with slightly more confidence in regards to the Rajang, I’m prepping to take on Final Invitation/ the G-rank one in the epic hunting quest with the Tigrex, which means having to work on that monster as well. Time shouldn’t be a problem, but if I can’t get my rolls and positioning right, it means a serious potion shortage for when I really need it. I’ll probably end up doing them with others later, but soloing  inflates my already oversized ego. It’s like Viagra for the monhan soul.

Also, the kirin below is adorable. * A*

Those asshats better not try that when I face them.

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