Its been a while doods o 3o

Between school that I actually don’t concentrate as much on, anime, Ragnarok DS, Monhan and recently Pokemon Soul Silver, I haven’t really been spamming this place the way I originally planned on doing. I’ll make it up tonight because I really have nothing better to do on a Friday night.

So first of all, let’s talk about the animes form the current seasons I’ve started on.


Does this really need an intro?

Season 2 improved a lot in terms of the animation, and there’s been a huge overhaul in their moe-ness. I’m not too sure how to describe it best, but their reactions/expressions are exaggerated beyond the previous season’s. Thinking back, K-On! seemed so much more bland.

Then of course, KyoAni would be batshit stupid not to beef up season 2. Let’s see if the sales can compare with Bakemonogatari.

Angel Beats!

The highly anticipated anime, conceived by Jun Maeda and Na-Ga from Key, started airing this season, and I’m actually slightly disappointed by the quality of the animation. The colors seemed a bit bland at times, and there were some pretty awkward shots. Besides these minor problems, there really isn’t anything else to criticize on at this point. The OP/ED are really well done too.

Plot wise, it’s still a bit confusing for me. Those of you who aren’t with this title, it’s about a world similar to purgatory where the dead can slowly assimilate themselves into the afterlife. The story follows Otonashi, who died and lost his memories before coming into this world and is recruited by Haruhi Yuri to join the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen), which is a group that opposes whatever greater force robbed them of their life so early. To do this, they wage war against Tenshi ( Kana Hanezawa, fuck yeah!), who’s job is to maintain peace and fight the SSS.

So far so good, but the thing is, no one can die.

In fact, technically, almost everyone’s died in one way or another, so until the plot develops further, it’s really just violent comedy, violent comedy, Kana Hanezawa and violent comedy.

Sounds pretty good to me. :’D


An adaptation of the 4koma series by Karino Takatsu, Working!! is a family sit-com that follows the staff of the family restaurant Wagnaria. It’s cute, it’s funny, the animation and voice work is great, and the pint-sized Poplar Taneshima is freaking adorable. Watch it. >:U

B Gata H Kei

B Gata H Kei is another ero-com, and animation/subject matter wise, isn’t all too different from a lot of the other ones out there. Yamada, the heroine wants to have 100 sex friends, but needs to lose her first with someone inexperienced, so she preys on the hapless Kosuda, the dopey average student. Despite her denials, it’s already clear there’s soemthing developing between the two. Like I said, the subject matter isn’t too different, but in a way, it is cute. Some of the jokes are executed pretty well, and even though we all know how it’s gonna end already, it’s just a matter of how many dirty jokes and pantsu flashes we see until then. For those of you confused about my thoughts on this series, watch it. It’s pretty lawls. o 3o

Everything else this season I haven’t had time to watch yet, but I did manage to finish Sora no Woto and Dance in the Vampire Bund. Freaking awesome series. I still have to start Ookamisomething, Baka and Hanamaru Kindergarden, as well as Summer Wars and a bunch of other animes from the past few seasons.

Ohime-sama demands time stop for her!

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