The rest of the week(s)~

First off, her birthday was on the 11th, but we celebrated on the 10th so she could spend the day with her mom. Basically, it was every Asian birthday bash, complete with Korean BBQ, horrible jokes, random pictures, layers of wrapping paper, Edward Cullen and Hannah Montana.

Do not ask…

We gathered around 8ish at Seoul BBQ, which is owned by Mandarin people, like every other Asian restaurant in the city, and we ended up leaving around 11:30, which probably ticked off the people working there, because the owners obviously were the new immigrant types who wanted us stuffed and out asap for the sake of efficiency. It’s something I’ve noticed with a lot of Mandarin restaurants, which is something that tends to kill the service and friendliness of the establishment. That aside, the food was alright and most drinks/ice cream were included with our package.

Hehe, package.

Her dad, her brother and some family friends tagged along too, which was fine, minus her brother. I came close to personally shoving his teeth so far down his throat they’d double as toe nails for laying a hand on me. Unfortunately I promised to be on my best behavior and someone else got to him first. o 3o

Here’s the few pictures that I took; didn’t take much because everyone had an SLR but me. orz

Yeeesh, I’m shakey >_>

Her cake was a giant tissue box :’D~ The tissue was edible too. Like I said, shakey hands; or a really slow camera.

She put our initials on one side too as a dedication to us for being with her during her times of need <3 I kinda felt bad for eating it at first, but damn, it was good cake.

The skull got pushed off the side and the icing just kinda, oozed out his eyes when it got pressed down. Lawl~

It was a fun night, and it was a shame most of us couldn’t stay too late that night. We def need to do something like this for the next birthday :’D

Oh, and uh the Disney stars thing :

Tubby and Cody, with Twilight and Hannah Montana stickers that were originally plastered on the amp that we bought birthday girl :’D

The rest of the week wasn’t anything special, games, anime and rage.

I beat Ragnarok DS, gave up on soloing HR9 White Fatalis for now and instead opted on unlocking the HR6 one to just get a hang of it, and now I’m playing Soul Silver on the DS.

Rather than using a hammer the way I usually do, I opted for a pair of dragon element DS, Silver Rath with sharpening and a looot of mega juices. It works pretty well, but I’m still playing Russian Roulette with the lightning bolts that come down when he lunges forward. I don’t think I’ve gotten him to 25% in the mission because he supposedly leaves the infinite armored mode when he hits 25% HP. With the DS, I depended mostly on the dragon element to deal damage, because I really couldn’t reach anything past his hands/legs and tail. I got a couple on his head as he landed, but it wasn’t enough to break his face.

As for PKMN SS, I’m on the  fourth gym atm, preparing to take it on tonight.

I started playing Starcraft for the hell of it too, since I dug up the cd while looking for other stuff. I had to find a CD-key online because I lost my original already though.

I didn’t order any figs this week, instead I ordered Pixiv Girls Collection 2010, which should be here next week, as well as my Love Plus vol.2 artbook, which focuses on the tsundere Rinko and comes with a daki cover as well as a plethora of other goods. I’ve got key charms of all three girls, as well as a Rinko wallscroll/DSi case too.

My 1/8 Flandre Scarlet did come a couple nights ago though <3


Her hat is detachable as well, which shows off her side ponytail more. I prefer her with the hat, but I might switch it up a bit later.

Petanko~ o 3o

Her wings are really pretty * A*

The side ponytail~

Flandre’s adorable. I haven’t found any flaws with it, the pose is dynamic and the face is well sculpted. There aren’t any option pieces other than the hat and her spear though.

I’ve got my BRS nendo/figma, Sakuya nendo, Takane Manaka nendo, Azunyan nendo as well as a few shirts, a tumbler and my VN02 Miku release dates coming up in the next few months, and I can’t wait. I’m eyeing the release of a certain flat chest as well <3

Once again, thanks Momo for the tip!

  1. Pretty Flandre! And np? XD

  2. White Fatalis goes super armour for a longer period of time than normal when it is <25% HP. It will return to normal once it is lowered to 5% and then you just finish it off!
    Nice Flander btw ^_^

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