Canadian Border Service Agency~ Imma callin yew out

Yeah, you bastards may have denied me of my Yamatogawa this time, but trust me, this wont be the end of it. I’m gonna buy even moar H, and we’ll see how much of it you can stop. For the record, it’s 4-1 in my favour right now. Brrrrring it on, you overly-politically-correct pansies.  Waaahahaha!On a lighter note, my Pixiv Girls 2010 and my Dengeki Love Plus vol.2 is here!

Once again, I have shakey hands. Maybe I should get a tripod.

The blurry blue thing on the bottom is Pixiv Girls 2010, which I got off Jlist, like the majority of my artbooks. Click the link for their site and better pics. As you know, I refuse to scan my artbooks, except for the cover. There was a section reserved for Pixiv Fantasia, which was pretty cool, except a bunch of those pics were already in Pixiv Fantasia III’s event book, which I own as well. There were some new things, though. I noticed a much more shoujo-esque feel to a lot of the art, as well as a big chunk of Alice in Wonderland related art. Headphone girls were less common, and the amount of wafuku/mecha musume dropped a bit form 2009, especially the mecha musume. It’s still an awesome artbook though.

The Love Plus set focuses on Rinko Kobayakawa, the tsundere. The book itself is somewhat like a game guide/artbook hybrid, with art, as well as dev. notes, and a plethora of other info. It even has her schedule 8D~ Now I just need to learn enough JP to play.

I have a wall scroll of her in that mahou shoujo nekomimi outfit coming in the mail right now. Fck yeah~

Looks like the three girls are due for figures too. About time, imo. Takane’s got her nendo already, which I slapped onto pre-order already. Can. Not. Wait. * A*

The book also came with omake!


Dakimakura! The wrinkles are from the packaging, not usage. My covers are for display only!


    • kgods
    • April 20th, 2010

    Nice dakimakura!

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