Anzu Chigusa Birthday Bash o 3o~

Sorry Celena, only shot I had of the banner. :3

Anyways, today was the early celebration of Anzu Chigusa’s, the ACG North America’s beloved mascot, birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay til the end because my sister is incapable of taking care of herself, and I had an essay to write as well. This means I’ll only be able to cover the parts I was here for, which means the set up, part of the cosplay photography panel, as well as a certain bunch of friend’s band performance. o 3o

I was going to monhan with Robostrike, but he came just as I was leaving. ; w;

First, [insert rage rant about why the Toronto Transit Commision should be privatized, therefore allowing contract companies to prove how the risk of losing a job over mannerisms and punctuality is a better motivation than a union  who siphon tax-payer money to pay rude jackasses to drive 4 wheeled shitmobiles].  I got down to the place, about half an hour or so after my originally planned time, I met up with Delon at the Bonds Place Hotel. Since I was technically still early, I dicked around a bit and ended up spending half an hour blowing balloons, because I broke the pump. orz

There was an auction/mini shopping area too, where I picked up another Taiga figure lolololol.

Andrew decided to leave his post for my pic. QA Q

I think he recognized me as the guy who raids his stalls for Taiga figures, because he asked me what I wanted to get for the next con. 3 guesses on what I asked.

I’m getting sleepy so I’m gonna photo essay this o 3o~

Anson crossdressing with Celena’s help o 3o

The band~ They played Scandal and Don’t Say Lazy, with Linda on vocals. Seriously, small world. Linda and I were in the same grade 5/6 class years ago.

There weren’t too many people there when I left, as you can see. At least Jay isn’t going as Mizore again e_e.

Momo and I camera battled again o 3o. I actually won this time but I’ll keep it a quiet victory. Btw, do you really think its a good idea to lean on Flashy’s sweater like that?

The cosplay panelists. They were really funny and insightful o 3o~ I kinda got distracted with food though.

No, it wasn’t curry, QA Q. Cocktail sandwiches, salad, cheese, tortillas and salsa rofl.

Arribaaaa arriba, ohime-sama.

/halfassed post

  1. Yeah, sorry about that T_T I got off work early too T_T
    Next time we meet… might not be for a while as I have to pull up my avg… >_< We'll see!

    • kgods
    • April 29th, 2010

    Hey there, would you be interested in doing a podcast per chance? @Torako☆Hime

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