Another hectic Wii-k

Its the first week of May, which means the middle of culminating projects. I’ve already had to do a politics debate on the UN, with another debate sometime in the next couple weeks, and i just finished my art assignment, which is pretty much a shiny golden butt.

Don’t ask.

Since it’s finally May, it also means a new page on my Toradora! calender, Anime North near the end of the month, as well as the beginning of a long chain of releases. I already received my Love Plus wall scroll/DSi case, now I’m just waiting on the key-charms/ the first of the Bakemonogatari Puchinendo sets. Theres so much I have on order right now I can’t list them off the top of my head. There’s the VN02 Miku for sure, as well as the Manaka Takane/Azunyan/Sakuya nendoroids, School Festival Mio Akiyama, t-shirts and a Dance in the Vampire Bund dakimakura.

Can’t. Wait. * A*

Another release I’m waiting for is Monster Hunter Portable 3.



It’s not going to be an expansion of the old games, so it’s going to mean a fresh start. The setting’s apparently been moved from Pokke Village to Yukumo Village, which is based on a Japanese autumn setting. The beginners armor looks similar to the Rajang’s with the Ronin + peasant hat look, and the receptionist is so much cuter. Felynes are back, and this time you can bring two of them along! Their gear can be customized more, with their parts being made of monster materials.

As awesome as the new features are, it’s only at about 50% done, so there’s probably gonna be another year or so until it’s release. Meanwhile, I’ll settle for Monster Hunter Tri, which I just got my hands on this weekend, along with a Wii. Hence, the stupid pun earlier.

Felyne Comrades are gone, and they’re replaced by ChaCha, a young Shakalaka that you save as the *** Urgent. The Wii controls for the game takes a bit to get used to. The fact that the center camera button and the charge/dash button is on the nunchuk, it can be a pain in the ass for a hammer user to center properly when charging, so I usually use the manual camera angle change on the Wiimote. It’s possible to chain a charge attack right after a triple pound, which makes it easier to rack up the damage, and the almighty KO counter. Swimming has been added, since we’re no longer in Pokke village.

I really wish this was released on the PS3 though. There’s just so much potential visual wise, and it feels wasted on a Wii to me. The graphics are nice, don’t get me wrong, but it could have been so much more.

It would have given me an excuse to finally get a PS3 too. o 3o

See what I mean? Looks sorta like a PSP, and not a 47″ HDTV o 3o

FYI, the chief isn’t naked.

The rest of this week’s loot comes in the form of a wall scroll and a DSi case:

I’m hanging it over my desk, because I’m outta space on one wall, another is my closet/door, and the area above my bed mantle is reserved for dakimakura covers until I get pillows for them.

The case actually doesn’t fit DSL, as I feared, which means I won’t be using it for a while. The case itself is clear, with Love Plus on the top left corner, and the +++ decorations, and Rinko Kobayakawa on the bottom right. Theres also thirteen face plates to choose from.

Seriously Neko, I do not have a Rinko obsession. Please do not write a fanfic about me and her stuck in Monster Hunter. It would be too awesome for this universe, and tear a hole in the time-space continuum.

On the other hand, if you don’t, I’ll tear you a new one.

Make your choice! >:U

Oh, I have Momo’s Miku hostage too:

It looks so nice, I might just keep it for myself unless you write me a 10 thousand word essay on why you I should give it to you. Hohoho~

I’m kidding.

You have my H hostage. orz

  1. I also have your brs nendo/figma hostage. Should I make you buy me Love Plus+ (the game!) and DS so I can try real time dates with manaka? LMAO

      • Torako☆Hime
      • May 7th, 2010

      If you get me a private jet so I can go to Japan. o 3o

  2. Q_Q Mikuuuu.
    I has your Sheryl poster hostage now too lawl. >D

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