I completely forgot that Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan was airing this season too. This brings my tracking list to Working!!, K-On!!, B Gata H Kei, Angel Beats, Kiss x Sis and Koihime. Last time I tried to keep over 5 animes on my watch list, it failed horribly. Then again, there wasn’t anything unique to that season.

Working!! and K-On!! have an unfair advantage in it’s use of moe-blob chars, so they’re pretty much going to be must watch all season. B Gata H Kei is I’m liking more than when I first started, probably because there’s somewhat of a storyline going on, and not just fan service. I read Kiss x Sis a whiel back, so it’ll be nice to see how it shapes up. Mikuni is frigging adorable too.

Angel Beats has me hooked for the music, as well as the plot. The latest development completely knocked me off track, and Tenshi’s character’s starting to get audience sympathy too. I didn’t realize how cute she actually was either. Must be the systematic coldness. Think Yuki.

As for Koihime, Choun’s back, Sonsaku and her escorts make a (re)appearance. I didn’t watch the first season yet, so e_e. I’m seeing less fan service, and more char development, which is good, because Ryomei joined up with Sonsaku, Gien fell in love with Ryuubi, and the capital is in ruins thanks to Choujou. Tanpopo, Hisui’s cousin, is getting her own parts too. With the massive cast involved, and the amount of events that take place, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a season 4.Then again, we could be nearing the final events now that the three kingdoms might be pitted against each other.

I wish there was a translation project going on for the VN. >_>

    • kgods
    • May 5th, 2010

    I’m behind on this season… sadly. Still, I’ll mark down what I think is good on general impression to check out when I’ve got a bit more free time. It’s been hectic for me, but I’ll get around to it, don’t worry. There’s not a lot for me to pick at this time ’round anyway. Still, moé must live on!

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