There is a God afterall.

I know, technically, there is a Goddess after all, but the important thing is I’ve become religious again. Why?

I got pre-approved for a visa, finally. Yeah, it’s got a fairly basic balance on it, but I probably won’t be going over anyways. Strategic splurging! I get 1% cash back too, which pretty much means another doujin or two?

I got a new DSi, which I promptly Rinko’d.

The three Love Plus key charms came in the mail on Friday.

Kodomo No Jikan’s getting another anime adaptation.

So, yeah. It’s a great day to be alive, unless you’re this dumbass:

I would have said the guy was nuts, but I’m pretty sure they’ve frozen by now.

Oh, Canadians~


  2. Congrats man! I assume that’s the TD Rebate Rewards Visa ;) (techinally u get 1% cashback after 3k iirc…but well xD)

  3. Guess you’re going to play DSi like crazy now?? I’ve totally stopped MHU and waiting for Tri to come out. Playing Metal Gear Peace Walker now until it and ace combat co-op to come out in the summer. Have a fun time with Love Plus!

      • Torako☆Hime
      • May 12th, 2010

      I actually stopped MHU for a while now too. I’ve been on Pokemon SS or Tri mostly this past few weeks. Lemme know if you play Tri. :3333

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