Day one of the debate was today, with next Thursday being an extension because our teacher finally got that blood thirsty debate she wanted.  Most of the other countries in the mock UN meeting bashed on Brazil and India at first, meaning UK, Germany and later Russia and Netherlands (my group) joining in on the fray.

Attention started to shift to China because of me bashing on their horrible funding plans.

It was actually a low blow, because I mentioned China’s military budget, which I’m sure nobody in the group, or the class expected to hear about. The fact that a pair of those overly nationalistic immigrants in the group made it even easier, because they started going in circles rather than answering my question. Shame that one of my friends was in that group/the other girl I wanted to bash dropped the course. Oh well.

Anyways, they mentioned that China was unable to help with AIDS in Africa, because they had just started up their own AIDS programs, and that they lacked the money to properly handle it in their own country. Thanks to a Sankaku Complex article I read a while back talking about China’s ridiculous 532 Bil Yuan budget and how it’s been increasing by 10% every year; I started a chain reaction with Russia, who we had a secret alliance with, coming in on them, and Germany and the UK mooching free marks.

Their response was a “communist country places a high priority on the military”, which made it even better for me to pick on, and even our teacher slightly cringed at their response. My friend’s rebuttal almost made me feel sorry for her: our budget is stretched because there is such poor distribution, with a lot of the money being used to purchase fancy equipment to attract rural populations to come to cities for treatment or something. It actually made no sense, but somehow managed to prove my point: China overspent on it’s military, China doesn’t properly use its resources and it’s decentralized and corrupted government is counter productive.

Even though this is a mock debate, I seriously think it highlights major flaws in governments. The question is, if a bunch of grade 12/13 brats and a trigger-happy princess can figure out whats wrong with our world, and how we should be solving it, why can’t our elected officials?

Anyways, I should probably help out Germany and UK later, if I decide to go to class.

Anime North is next week, and I’m going to be busy finishing up my Bobby Margot cosplay.

Yeah rofl, the gay black guy from Macross F, as well as helping Leafy make her Rock Cannon for her BRS cosplay. Now that she’s indebted to me, I can call on her massive puchinendo army when the time comes for me to claim my throne.


  1. NICE NICE NICE princess is cosplaying!!!11

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