Holy crap it’s been a while.

Now that school is pretty much over, AN is over and I kinda have some time to kill, lets all sit around and listen to ohime-sama ramble about the past couple weeks.

Attendance is mandatory, or death shall fall upon you.

I honestly can’t think of any other way I’d rather die.

So yeah, it’s June, which means my final school year is coming to an end. By that, I mean I’ve been skipping for the past two weeks. Which means I have no idea how the politics debate ended, not that I really care. Everyone probably bashed on China, and the EU countries + Russia had an informal alliance anyways.The fact that it was the day right before AN means I was way too busy plotting my dastardly plans for AN.

The Bobby Margot costume somehow turned into a Lovelace Family maid’s outfit ( Black Lagoon, people). No I will not post pics, because I forbade them. :U

I wish I was less lethargic from the booze and the just-getting-over-a-cold, because I didn’t grab too many pics of cosplayers. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any though.

There was a lot more than that. We pretty much finished the Crown Royal, the Bacardi 151 ( 75%) and a Soho as well as assorted beers and vodka cooler thingies.

She’s really pretty QA Q

Wasn’t expecting to see a Saki cosplayer lawl, nids maor taco loli!

Seriously you guys.

I’ll tell you guys what this is later.

Dooood~ I actually wanted to do this some day too rofl. I love Valkryia Chronicles, and army uniforms in general.

See, told you I got lazy. I actually thought I had a lot more. Then again I spent most of my time around the ACG booth and in the hotel.

This year was filled with the standard shounen cosplays; Naruto, Bleach, some FMA and KHR, but I think Touhou took the cake this year. There wasn’t an obnoxious amount, but there was a huge increase. It’s popularity skyrocketed, which means someone finally showed it to the rest of the people here. I 6 foot crossplays of Suika and Reimu, which made me cringe. Luckily, there was a really hot Remilia in my hotel, which I only saw once on the elevator, which meant really bad place for a photo.

Next year,  I’m so getting that pic.

The events were pretty much the same as the previous years, with the exception of new anime screenings to include current series, like Angel Beats and Working!!, and I don’t recall seeing the Plamo workshop in the past few years. I was disappointed with the dealers room though. A lot of stands were selling bootleg crap, and according to JF, most of them don’t even know it.

The figure selection was pretty limited to Ikkitousen and some assorted ones; I didn’t really see anything I wanted in that category with the exception to the Yoko/Nia maid figures, which I thought were overpriced. The artbook selections weren’t that great either. I did plan on getting another Noizi Ito one, along with a Range Murata, but that would have been 35 ( which isn’t too bad actually)/85 respectively, and with so many things on pre-order lately, I decided against it.

The Plamo selection was pretty much the same as before too, nothing but Gundams. Don’t get me wrong; I like Gundam. It’s just that the designs and the story lines seem more and more recycled than ever. The fact that there no Macross plamos was just plain sad. VFs are unbelievably fun to build, even though they don’t always align properly when in fighter mode. There were a few Armored Cores, which I bought for the first time, but I’ll cover that tomorrow when I charge up my camera and get better lighting. I dislike flash. Flashy-kun is okay though.

Other stuff I bought were some Azumanga/Lucky Star/Negima manga, since they didn’t have the Black Lagoon/Rosario+ volumes I needed. I missed out on the flea market this year too. QA Q

I found Gunslinger Girl and Gunslinger Girl -il teatrino- blu-rays as well!!! Problem is I don’t have a blu-ray player; I thought I did, because my folks said our machine played blu-ray, which I should have challenged on the spot. Oh well, now I have an excuse to get a PS3 now. Secretly of course. The magical flying pantsu lolis Strike Witches DVD worked perfectly fine though.

Oh, and me and some others were teaching an old Indian gift store keeper about Pokemon. Fuck. Yeah.


Choun oppai mouse pad~

It’s been so long since my last Negima, I bought a duplicate again, rofl. I’m already out of room for them, even though Baka has a few of my other ones. I still can’t believe Bandai is behind the Lucky Star manga… Then again, Gainax did Hanamaru Youchien as well~

The AC I bought~ It’s a 1/72 scale model, standing at about 21 cm, which is a bit taller than a typical 1/100 MG Gundam. My math isn’t that great, but it means that an AC is either bigger than a Gundam, or smaller than it.


Then again, Kotobukiya doesn’t use the FG/HG/MG/PG ranking system. Since this is my first AC, it was my first Koto plamo as well. I’ll go more in-depth on this topic when I do the post for the AC tomorrow. I will, however, say that the ACs are a lot of fun to build.

I watched GSG in dub which was fail, and I never finished il teatrino because of the studio swap, but I have to admit, the story is awesome.

Technically, the following isn’t AN loot, but I either got them around AN time, or in the case of the puchi’s I didn’t get a chance to post them up yet. Fffff, I should really check my camera’ing. I’ll update with them tomorrow. There! :3

I really should get a dslr.

Sheryl poster from Rin



Holy crap my table is dusty >_>

Maid Yome, thanks to Rin, and Leafie for getting it for me.

Lol Rinko. I kinda dedicated a small part of my wall to her rofl.

I’m not cheating on you, Taiga love, I voted for your second reign as Moe Queen on ISML. I’ve got the China Dress figure on pre-order, and a hand-towel coming in the mail right now! QA Q

I’m planning out what to do for next AN already; I wanna lose some weight first to give myself more options, so I’ll see how that goes. Fan Expo is just around the corner, so I should get started on that “Bobby Margot” cosplay.

For those of you still interested in that pic; it’s someone’s underwear we bubble-wrapped and duct taped. He left it in the room when we were checking out, and we didn’t have plastic bags to hold it in.

We did have bubble wrap and duct tape though.

What the fuck lol.

  1. I missed the fleamarket too because I’m stupid. orz”

      • Torako☆Hime
      • June 6th, 2010

      QA Q fergot lawl sry

      • XD” It’s fine~ thanks!
        Lol wtf bubble wrap and duct tape? Wasn’t it. Matthew’s?

          • Torako☆Hime
          • June 7th, 2010

          Tubby’s pantsu
          Idk where the bubble wraps from
          Duct tape was in your room

  2. I missed out on AN altogether T_T Guess I didn’t miss too much since all you saw were fake stuff (which is blacked out) and drinking… minus the whole duct tape + bubble wrap >_<
    FE… FE… we'll see then… if my parents still allow me to go…

      • Torako☆Hime
      • June 8th, 2010

      Yeah I thought this year was a bit shabby compared to the past.
      Come FE regardless lawl, tell em it’s a “study group”
      with scantily clad “women”

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