AC013 Another Seraph

I really need to get that picture-taking box thing back in service.

First of all, the pics of the puchi-nendos are up, check yesterdays post for them.

I haven’t really cleaned my room in a loong time, so it’s a bit too messy for the build, which was why I moved to the basement. The weather the past week was floating around 28-30, which is out of ohime-sama’s comfort zone, so the basement was the most logical place to colonize, next being the Mizu’s housing complex pool and Antarctica.  (holy crap, I had to wiki this world; me english is going not so 好好 :’D)

My “table” is two stools pushed together. I actually didn’t use them much, since the runners ended up all over the mattress, and I slowly found myself edging down the thing as well.

Once again, just to show the box art, as well as the size of the box.

There were about 22 runners in the box, and I forgot where I read from, but there were about 350 pieces, which puts it somewhere between an MG and a PG, and about the same as a Macross VF. I meant to take some mid-progress pics, but I ended up forgetting~

Next tiiiime <3

Brace yourself for some slightly out of focus pics as usual >_>

The detailing is beyond what I see on MGs. The amount of work on concealed parts isn’t as bad as a PG, but there’s definitely a lot more work involved as compared to an MG, making it a good transitional line to work on.

Apparently, it’s a transformer too:

Overkill is not in my vocabulary…waaaait

Amazingly, the only thing that’s constantly in focus is Taiga.

I still haven’t gotten an air compressor/air brush yet, so this is the unpainted model. This box didn’t come with decals or weapons, other than the cannons under the arm, though I don’t think this is a problem with the others in the series.

I really did enjoy the build though. Some of the pieces had color distortions, which seems to be a result of uneven pouring of the resin(?) into the molds. Generally, it won’t be a problem when you paint it, but with smaller pieces, use extreme caution when clipping them, since these pieces can snap under pressure a lot more easily. The gold runners had the most of these impurities, because of the color mixing.

The lack of weapons might be because this was a special edition, meaning it’s about 3 cm larger than the other ACs. This may not sound like a lot, but it means that standard parts and equipment aren’t compatible; which is trademark of the Armored Core games. I’ve seen AC model arms and weapons on sale before which might indicate that the part swap is part of the plamos as well. It’s just a matter of painting them the right colors.

I definitely plan on getting another AC sometime in the future:

White Glint movie edition. Comes with weapons, decals and most likely the Overed Boosters. I should probably order it soon before it goes out of stock, but I need to watch my budget.


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