Did someone say pornography? Ov Q

That’s a monocle, not a typo, by the way.

So, who remembers that month or so when I raged at the Canadian Border Services Agency for being a bunch of conservative rooster-vacuums?

You know, that month when they confiscated and denied my appeal to let that H manga I bought across the border.

This H manga:

That’s right~

Bought another one, and it went through without even getting opened; and I’ve got another three on the way here right now. If they get here, I’m so blogrolling the site rofl.

This puts the score at ohime-sama with five points and the cbsa with one. Definite proof that naked women can overcome any obstacle.

Except maybe cold weather.

Here’s another picture. :U

  1. so you bought one before, and the cbsa denied its entry to the country? d’you ever get your money back?

    and victory is sWeET (wet). lol. is that H in english? or maybe you dont need to read, just watch the action. xD

    • I got credit from the store, and no, it’s in JP. I already “read” it in English a few times though, so it’s all good. 8D

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