Yes? Did someone mention maids, tigers, tanks and special police forces too?

Well they should have, because all that came in the mail today.

Witchcraft by Yamatogawa, Menkui by Tosh and Mankai Otome authored by Maybe.

Seriously, Yamatogawa doesn’t need an intro by now. I believe Witchcraft, which is a batshit crazy story of psychics, witches and Yakuzas, was Yamatogawa’s first full manga release.

Tosh, I’ve actually never heard of before, but the art looked cute so I decided to try it out.

As for Maybe, I’ve read a few of his(?) work and I really liked the humour (and the art). My favourite story, Love Love Blind Heart, makes an appearance as chapter two, as well as Doki Otome’s Sickness and The 22nd Century is in Our Hands.

Sorry peons, no samples.

As for the other stuff that came today:

The Anti-Skill t-shirt from To Aru Majutsu no Index, as well as a Takemikazuchi t-shirt from So・Ra・No・Wo・To. Under that is my Tenori Tigers hand towel, which I’ll probably use as a console mat, unless I really make a shrine to Taiga; as well as the Sakuya Izayoi nendoroid I pre-ordered a while back.

Fffff it’s cute.

Sakuya comes with a tea set and a pair of knives, but other wise the posing is rather limited. The tea-set only fits on hand, which is understandable, but the knives can only be used with the straight arms. Otherwise, it really is adorable.

>_> didn’t check my focus again

If my other maids fell asleep on the job I’d probably cut them

The angry face, probably because of the mess my room is right now:

It doesn’t look that bad right now, but the mattress shifted over, so there’s a lot more junk hidden from sight atm.

And here she is about to kill me over the mess. If any of my other maids killed me, I’d kill them.


I’m probably going to keep her in this pose for a while.

I need to re-organize my figures to move Taiga closer to the right-side, which makes it easier for me to use the music system, as well as bringing my precious closer, since the chair is closer to the right.

For now though, I finally have a chance to play some monhan tri <3

  1. /kidnaps Sakuya

  2. Maid = WIN.xD

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