Capuchu~ ♥

Not rly :U

The Chua Churam figure I ordered a couple days ago came, along with my Shimada Fumikane “doujin” Tiger of the Desert vol.2

These weren’t pre-orders like everything else, which meant I sorta broke my own resolution again, but Chua really is cute. QA Q

Chua is pvc/abs, non-scale and from Alter. Originally release in ’08, Leafy and I assume it’s out of print, like a lot of VN figure renditions from the past.

The detailing is pure love, I can’t even draw folds like those without ragequiting.

I would totally start learning again if my guitar looked like that.

The bats are so cute xD

The Strike Witches doujin I was talking about earlier. I think Shimada was behind the story and concept only, which was a bummer for me. It’s still cool to finally see the land Strikers in action though. Usually people just think of the flying pantsu witches (SEASON 2 THIS SUMMER  > w<!!!!) without realizing that Shimada’s tanks are witches in Strikers as well. The doujin itself is a continuation of Desert of the Tiger and focuses on the German offensive against what I assume to be Neuroi. Although the land Strikers are the main focus of the doujin, a few Fuso air infantry witches make an appearance too. I don’t recognize any of the characters from his other works though.

If only real history was this sexy >_>

I’m really hoping that Tomoko makes an appearance in season 2, and not as just a figure in the show.

Incidentally, when is she getting a real figure rendition? D<

  1. QwQ the pretty pink figure…

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