Ohime-sama cleans her room…again

In order to prepare for the next few month’s worth of releases, I have decided to clean my room…again. The only difference is this time I actually started~

Lets see what it looked like earlier today.

The main reason for the clean up was because of that red drawer where my mechas were sitting on. It was really a lot of dead space because only the top could be used for displaying things, it was bulky and it was pretty damn ugly. On the other hand, the little black wood and plastic shelf where my mangas and shinki’s are on right now wasn’t bad visually and in terms of it’s use as a display rack. Luckily, I had another one.

So, in order to put that one in place, I’d have to clear a path, ie. the figure boxes. Which means box mountain returns!

Yes, it has doubled since it’s March 28th debut.

Good times~ :’D

Anyways, I dug through the drawer, and pulled out stuff like pins from my first or second AN, lego pieces, a free coffee from the Tim Hortons Roll up the Rim campaign last year and some old Warhammer 40k land cruiser debris from the Battle for Macragge set I got when I was in grade 7.

Yes, ohime-sama liked the wierdest things. I actually might start a wood elf army or something just for fun.

My cam was running retardedly low on batteries because my sister likes to camwhore with the family camera in widescreen, another reason I should get my own dslr. In other words, I didn’t snap pics of the debris.

I did manage to clean it up though, and just look at the size difference. The shot’s bad, in hindsight, and because that pile of paper Sakuya raged about earlier is still there, so I couldn’t get a shot of the space that’s still left. It’s enough for someone to sit there comfortably though. Unless they suffer from mechaphobia.

Or allergies.

Tomorrow, I’ll probably start on the other side of the bed, meaning the pile in front of the closet:

My teddy bear wants some loving.
Afterwards, the closet needs work too, since I plan on moving my wardove to the basement where I do most of my changing anyways. I can always use the closet for more storing things like the boxes, or if I ever get around to doing it, mounting a TV in there so I can play my wii whenever. Or the ps3 that I wanna get sometime this year.

This clean up is gonna take a while.



    • hitori-sama
    • June 22nd, 2010

    oh man. i remember battle for macragge. $70 down teh drain. only had 2 figures that cost me $15. money well wasted.

    speaking of room cleaning. i need to finish cleaning mine. half way done………last week. xD still havent finished. ganbatte ne

    • XD~ I haven’t even started the closet and stuff yet, maybe this thursday or sunday.

  2. Blurry photos are blurry. :V

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