It’s so hot out @_@”

And even hotter in my room, where more PVC and polyester have recently found refuge on my table. Partially due to Ami and her bikini.

My Visa bill hasn’t arrived yet, but VN02 Miku has~

I think she uprooted Black Usagi and took the throne for most intricate sculpt for me. The detailing is insane, especially her speakers. Her curves are sexy even to a petanko lover like me.  The base looks lovely; unfortunately, it’s not the most stable connector,  which is why I’m not putting her close to the edge of the table. She’s a bigger tipping hazard than White Usagi is. Loving the green and white too.


I’m setting her up in this way on my table, because her face is just adorable > A<!!!


Azunyan’s nendoroid incarnation is even more moe than SanCom made it sound; I’m using her as my display picture on MSN :

Time to get the rest of the Houkago Tea Time members?

Or is it just Taigatime again?

Literally, Taigatime rofl.

The Mina Tepes tumbler that came together with VN02.

And her Dakimakura alongside my Taiga cushion cover which came yesterday along with my new airbrush equipment.

The daki isn’t ero, but I’m just not assed to hang it up, since Leafdust is picking me up some dakimakura pillows in HK (lawl she just logged onto msn as I mentioned her, creepy). I’ll probably hit up Wal-mart later and pick up the cushion for Taiga though. I’ll need to stop by at a hobby shop and get a joint cap so my airbrush can be attached to my hose too. Probably won’t be till the weekend though. I’ve spent the past few days anime binging, and sleeping til almost time for work.

Summer <3

  1. Lucky bum~ You got VN02 >_< So jealous T_T Can't expect myself to spend so much on it T_T

      I saved for it afterwards. xD

    • hitori-sama
    • July 7th, 2010

    thas a nice azusa nendo. i thnk she has more faces and arms compared to the rest of the group. cant wait to get Wonfes yui and mugi nendo.

    • She has in total 3 faces, 6 arms and an extra leg. I’d go for all of them but I’m not a big nendo collector, and I’m running low on space already xD

    • kgods
    • August 16th, 2010

    I want those Mina Tepes-related goods. That is all. :D

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