At long last~!

I found time to watch the stuff I wanted to this season, except that seitokai one, I’ll do that later tonight. I’ll just update this post tmr night or whenever, but for now, the post belongs to Highschool of the Dead, Occult Academy, Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi, Strike Witches 2 and Amagami SS, with guest appearances by K-On!! ( because I count seasons by episodes, and running into next season’s time constitutes as another season to me :3) and Nurarihyon no Mago.

First off, I’m totally looking forward to this season. HoTD, Strike Witches 2 and Black Lagoon OVA? A lot of the other titles look promising too; Ookamisan seemed to be a fun and relaxed rom-com type, Amagami SS looked like a potential heart throb, Asobi ni Iku Yo reminds me of Nyankoi! so I should probably watch it later along with Seitokai Yakuindomo. I actually need to watch the Black Lagoon OVA too, but I might hold off til they’re all out, because the suspense is gonna kill me.

So, the stuff I have watched, in the order I did it in :3

Or approximately the order.

Highschool of the Dead:

Based on the manga series by Daisuke Sato, HoTD follows the escape and survival of several students and the school nurse of Fujimi High School. It’s been so long since I’ve watched a real zombie flick, so it’s hard to compare at the moment, but I’d say Resident Evil, from what I remember of it, is a good parallel. Super strong zombies, with speeds ranging from a dazed wander to a speedy dash, and cleavage. Lots of it.

Italics contain possible spoilers :U

The story follows the escape and survival of Takashi Komuro, a few classmates and the school nurse from the zombie apocalypse that’s engulfed the world. Other than being a zombie thriller, there’s a big romantic drama involved as well, with him being madly in love with his childhood friend, his hesitance to act led to tensions and eventually her dating his friend Hisashi, who becomes a zombie at the end of episode one, and is killed by Takashi. The girl in question, Rei Miyamoto ( Marina Inoue <3) passes off as those annoying clingly selfish brats in the beginning, just like in the manga, and it’s not until much later on that you’ll start to like her. Deal with it. The other characters have yet to receive formal introduction in the anime, but they include Saeko Busujima who is to be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro ( Iwasa-san, Kanbaru) and Saya Takagi by Eri Kitamura ( Kawashima Ami, Yui from Angel Beats!). Obviously, that means possible love arcs between the three femme fatales in the group, which is never a good thing when surrounded by fleshy hungry monsters.

Watch this anime, it’s fucking awesome.

Amagami SS

Another adaptation, this time of the PS2 dating sim, Amagami. I haven’t played it yet, so the storyline is completely new to me. The anime follows Junichi Tachibana, and  covers the story arcs of all the heroines, which I believe is six. A harem without the service? The art, the voice work and the story thus far is excellent, and I expect this trend to continue. Just like before, italics may contain spoilers.

Essentially, Junichi hates Christmas because two years prior to the story, he asked a girl out on Christmas Eve, and she never showed up. Since then, he’s more or less given up on love, hated Christmas and hides in his closet, which he turned into a mini planetarium, when he’s feeling down. The first episode introduces most of the heroines, though not in depth. The first episode focuses on Haruka Morishima, which means the first arc should be about her as well. After seeing Junichi buy bread for Miya’s friend, Sae Nakata ( another heroine), Haruka takes a slight liking to Junichi, saying that he’s kind. After a while, Junichi catches on to these hints as the two get closer in the week or so after they first meet, and in the heat of the moment, somewhat confesses to Haruka, who tells him she’s into older and more reliable men. The episode ends with Junichi retreating to his planetarium, unsure of what happened.

So much happening in just the first episode may indicate rather rushed arcs? That is if the story focuses on them one by one and allots equal timing. Regardless, it does seem interesting, and I’m actually a sucker for romances. Afterall, I have a soft side too, it’s just hiding behind my army of loli battle machines. I’m hooked.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

Actually a spin-off series of sorts of Toradora! Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi follows Ryouko Ookami, a Taiga look alike girl with a mean complexion and her unique friends who operate the school’s  “favour exchange bank” They solve your problems and in exchange, you owe them a favour. Incoming italics!

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi or Ookami-san and her Seven Companions, as the name implies, draws a lot of playful themes from fairytales. The first episode covers 2 stories, the failed confession of the male protagonist , Ryoshi Morino (who’s extremely shy and freaks out when seen) to Ryouko Ookami, the fiesty petanko (Shizuka Ito) and the subsequent events that lead to Ryoshi being drafted into Otogi Bank, as well as the first of their missions as they help a girl prevent her beloved tennis-club sempai from resigning. Won’t reveal too much but there’s a huge reference to Cinderella, with the pumpkin coach and the sneaker left behind. Watch for the hilarious extra at the end of the ED!

I really thought that this would have been a Rie Kugimiya role for sure, seeing as how JC Staff did Shakugan no Shana, Zero no Tsukaima AND Toradora!. The pattern of pseudo-tsundere/tsundere and the closeness of the character design between Ryouko and Taiga was just too much of an indicator. However, Shizuka Itou has the role. I never actually recognized Itou from a lot of her roles, with Katsura Hinagiku being the first that pops into mind. Then again, I haven’t watched it yet =_= From her singing alone, I was a bit iffy on how much of a pseudo(?)-tsundere she could be, which from episode one alone, isn’t too bad. Turns out she voiced a bunch of other chars that I know; Eika Ichijo, Kaori Kanzaki, Wilhelmina Carmel. She’s voicing Kozue Takanashi, the alcoholic sister in Working!!, Nanomi Shinonome in Dance in the Vampire Bund as well as Haruka in Amagami SS as well.

With that said, it appears Rie Kugimiya will have a small role in Ookami <3 I do wish she had more roles this year though. Her voice is heavenly > A<!

Seiyuu fandom aside, Ookami-san is hilarious,and I want those Neko Neko Knuckles. ( Tenori Tiger?)

Occult Academy

Not sure what to say so far about this anime. It’s a supernatural supposed rom-com involving Maya, the mysterious daughter of the decease principal of a school dedicated to the occult, and a time traveling agent called Uchida, who traveled back from 2012. I have to admit, it IS funny. From the nasal powers of the vice-principal, Smiles beating down Kozue and Uchida’s immodest arrival, I’d say this is one of those awesoem animes that people miss out on.

In the first episode, Maya shows up to her father’s funeral at the school, after having been estranged by his unhealthy obsession with the supernatural, dressed in white and seemingly impatient about the situation. During the service, it is revealed that Maya may have attended the school once, since her childhood friend is enrolled. The VP plays a tape addressed to the students by the principal before his death, where the principal accidently summons an undead spirit which possesses his body and sends it on a rampage. While the students flee, Maya and her friend enlists the help of Smiles the Janitor who loves a good fight, along with a student that does spiritual dowsing, and the bespectacled Kozue, who just happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong friend. The reanimated cadaver wreaks havoc in the school, managing to possess Kozue before Maya beheads the corpse, thus killing the spirit and exorcising her father’s body and Kozue, who ends up with an afro during the ordeal. The episode ends with Uchida twirling down naked from a beam of light in front of Maya.

The art reminds me heavily of Ergo Proxy, character wise, which adds a serious undertone to all this. However, the scenarios and the jokes give a good balance. Interesting combo, definitely must watch. Kana Hanazawa voices Kozue too. Fuck. Yeah <3

Nurarihyon no Mago

Supposedly this is a supernatural action, and the art screams shounen to me, which means I won’t go too far into it. The first episode didn’t kick off as anything too special for me, sorry Pandasheep. I will acknowledge the fact that Yuki-onna is cute though. I might watch a few more episodes before my final verdict.

Strike Witches 2


My biggest joy this season; I love Shimada Humikan, and I loved Strike Witches season 1. The story continues after Yoshika and the 501st Joint Fighter Wing made contact with a Neuroi and then repelled an attack from a defective fighter jet using Neuroi technology. The original cast is back, although it looks like Tomoko and the rest of the Suomus Independent Volunteer Aerial Squadron won’t make the season either. Tomoko technically was in season 1 as a figure though. Looks like Mio has a new seiyuu, while the rest of the cast remains the same.

The Neuroi that originally threatened Europe is destroyed, not by humans, but a larger and more powerful Neuroi hive, which scraps the notion of making peace with the Neuroi, and opening another battle. Other than this universe status update, not too much happens in this episode. Yoshika graduates from middle school, and decides to become a doctor with her magical powers along with her mother and grandmother in their village rather than go to high school. Mio is stationed at the nearby base training, since she has past her prime age and can no longer use shields, thus limiting her involvement in the war. Lynnette has been promoted to Master Sergeant and is stationed in Gallia, which is the new Neuroi battlefront. Charlotte and Lucchini are still partners in where I believe is Gallia, though it’s not formally noted in this episode. Gertrud, Erica, Minna and Sanya can be seen fighting a Neuroi ship but not much else is revealed about their current situation.

The Gallian witches are outnumbered and suffers huge casualties, and Mio decides to join the Gallian front with the new striker unit. Yoshika, while delivering a letter from her deceased father to Mio, finds out about the Gallian front and the situation and begs Mio to let her come, partially because it happens that Lynette was the radio correspondent. Mio refuses and takes off in an air transport, which Yoshika follows in either her’s or Mio’s striker unit, most likely Mio’s. Eventually, Mio caves in and the two begin their trip to Gallia.

AIC, which took over Strike Witches from Gonzo, has done a great job keeping within the original designs and styles. Then again, AIC is a pretty established studio and there isn’t likely to be a problem. A lot of animes that switch studios seem to lose their original charm, like Minami-ke and Gunslinger Girl. Not too thrilled about the new OP though >:

Finally, the new K-On OP and ED from episode 14



No, Thank You!

Utauyo wasn’t that great imo. The animation was cute and had that schoolgirl moe appeal of the previous OPs but the song just wasn’t catchy enough. :x

No, Thank You! on the other hand had a beautifully stylized animation, though I swear I’ve seen something similar, and the song had that more mature tone that I think the K-On! EDs have been trying to accomplish but failed thus far. Waiting for the full version to come out.

I was going to watch the others tonight, but it’s already pretty late, so~ looks like I’ll be watching them tomorrow night instead <o/. I still need to finish Bakemonogatari, Hayate the Combat Butler, Mayoi Neko Overrun and a few others, on top of building a vacuum box to start using my airbrush set as well as Momo’s Rock Cannon, which is driving me crazy atm with the oversized barrel.

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