Sing thy love for Ohime-sama~

but do it quietly because I’m so getting wasted tonight; afterall, I am turning 19, which means I can finally buy my own booze. 8D

I’m making this post ahead of time, so whoever remembered, thanks! Love you! <3

If anyone waited for it to hit 12:00 just to be first to say happy birthday, love you even more, but seriously that’s creepy, cut that shit out. >:U

Momo, onee-chan haets joo for not being here on her big night. Better make it up to me when you get back >:

Back to my delicious dekocaek.

    • Momo
    • August 7th, 2010

    But I said happy birthday to you like 3 times. The second time it was at 12. 8D

  1. Awww haha! Well happy birthday and have a food one! D: Sowwie I’m not there to say it in person, but I will next summer!!! :3

    • hitori-sama
    • August 8th, 2010

    i greeted you happy birthday 3 times, one in each social network. MSN, Twitter, and Facebook xD any more i can add? lol

  2. Sorry, won’t be there for u cuz I got an exam to finish T_T Maybe after exams and in mid august, I’m open times for gatherings, I guess I’ll celebrate your b-day then ^_^
    Happy b-day!

  3. Actually, I can make it to FE, will keep you posted on how that’s happening ^_^

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