This is a massive loot post.

I realized I haven’t done one in weeks, and with all the stuff I ordered being released, and Leafie finally accepting the fact that she can not escape my wrath and returning on the 16th, I really might as well get this stuff our first. Besides, I’m going to really get cracking with that Rock Cannon and my portfolio soon; all while hopefully getting another job.

I’ll start with the second Bakemonogatari puchinendo set, that actually came waaay back in June, as well as the Misaka Mikoto figure.

Fffffff the pics were in great focus on the camera, not so much when uploaded. I’ll fix it tomorrow. e_e

Anyways, my old wallet had been falling apart, turning blue-ish from my jeans, and it was sorta running out of room for my random cards. (3 pre-paid credit cards that are empty xD) So, I was looking around for awesome new wallets, that were big enough to use as a bludgeoning weapon to hold my various crap, and I came across the Steins;Gate one. I haven’t played the visual novel yet, but apparently it is due for an anime adaptation, and the wallet just looks really fucking cool.

It’s the big black thing with the chain and graphics, next to my new cellphone carrier. The bead chain heals my entire party when used (sorry, been playing P3P, Aigisssssssss ♥), actually reminds me of prayer beads, which is kind of cool, since I never really got used to wearing them around my wrist, and even if I did, my mom would just think I went Buddhist again and drag me to temple with her. Between me and everyone on the internet, a bunch of the temple people are douche bags.

The Azunyan carabiner case is actually a little too big for my LG Neon, but I plan on swapping to an iphone4 next month anyways, so it’s fine. There’s a magnetic clasp and since most of my shirts are oversized, when I wear it on my belt, the only thing that shows is the bottom as well as Popura and Mahiru, which came in the same package. Haruka and her alter ego have been retired to the PSP for now; their strings had been getting dirty and one of them actually started wearing off because Sui, who fell off in late May, moment of silence—–, who’s string was putting a lot of friction on Haruka. Luckily, the inside of the string was inforced with fishing wire or something. Anyways, Popura and Mahiru are likely to stay for a while.

Meanwhile, they’re also going to be on the psp, along with Yachiyo and Aoi:

Yeah, Working!! has been one of the best anime’s of the year for me. I’d let loose some major head to desk impact, but I bought a Working!! desk mat too…

Actually, it isn’t too big, just bigger than fool’s cap, but who cares, it’s cute, and I have room for more desk mats. Of course, I still have to clean that mess before I can put it on. orz

I’m going to need a lot of luck with that, which is perfect because I picked up some K-On!! fortune amulets.

Mio, Azunyan and Sawa-chan to be exact, representing Academics, Wishes coming true and Love respectively.

It’d be pretty kick ass to have the academics one from KissxSis, depending on who makes it e_e.

Moving on to t-shirts, because I’ve run out of witty transitions:

The Macross shirt

Too bad they didn’t have one with the VF-25

Working!! ones (OK I REALLY LIKED IT >:U JEEZ):

* o*

I think I have the Monhan shirt coming out later this month as well, along with the BRS nendo/figma, a Mio figure and a Gundam Scissor bag for carrying more random stuff on me. My bank account is crying.

Ok, so it wasn’t as massive as I said it would be, but it’s because I had camera issues ok? e_e

    • Momo
    • August 14th, 2010

    Rock Cannonnnnnn. XD
    Hey, I was going to come back on the 16th anyways. ):

      Mayoi Neko Overrun omg <3

        • Momo
        • August 14th, 2010


        • Everything is relevant to something, and thus is relevant to another thing because that thing is relevant to it, although the original concept may have little if any relevance to the subject we are relating it to.
          I like curry.

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