Oh look, I’m alive again.

Holy crap, it’s been almost a month since I posted anything.

It’s not that I didn’t want to or anything, I was just busy with things like night school, Dir En Grey concert (which was fucking awesome btw) and Fan Expo (which wasn’t as fucking awesome, but the drinking was great…as usual). Then there was Bunbun and Pandasheep’s birthday, and well yeah. The rest of the time I was at work/didn’t have time or just plain tired.

So now that I’ve spent a few days passed out in bed pretty much, I’m back <3.

I’ll probably have the concert and FE in different posts, which may be up in a day or two, depending on how things go. A massive-ish loot post will be coming up too, and if I get Miyafuji from Delon in time (another person who recently came back from hiatus lol), and my BRS/Manaka nendoroid/everything else, it’s going to get even more massiver. So massive I’ll make up a new word for it. Then there’s my Kaoru arc conclusion, and preparations for the upcoming end-of-season breakdown. Since school is starting and I’m a ronin, I’ll probably be able to post more, hopefully. Unless my mom hogs my computer for her kung-fu flicks again. I’d get a laptop of my own but if you’ve seen my PO list, which only got bigger, I can’t really afford one. I might apply to finance a Vaio though. That might not happen until late Dec, maybe Jan.

I really wish I had a chance to take more pics for Bunbun and Panda’s birthday though.  I keep forgetting to bring a camera, and so much stuff was spontaneous so I didn’t get a chance to snap pics. I’m still freaking sunburnt from Pandasheep’s beach trip too.

For now, I’m shutting up though. I still need to work on my portfolio, and since I’m going for waffles with Leafdust tomorrow, I’d better get some sleep.

  1. welcome back man!

    “… Delon…(another person who recently came back from hiatus lol)”

    lmao so true

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