Dir En Grey Concert was awesome.

Fan Expo, not so much, but the loot, the parties and the hanging out with friends was. End of discussion.

No, but seriously, that’s really all there is to say about it. I’ve been busy/lazy for the past month0ish, so my memory is hazy. All I can remember is being front row for half the concert, and the horrible management at Expo this year. The tickets were oversold, and the dealers were stocked with bootlegged figures and damaged artbooks. A lot of guests were left outside in the summer heat waiting in line because the building was at capacity.


I ended up spending a lot of time in line or in our hotel room.

Rin, Sugarforest, Tubby, Calvin and Coco were my room mates this time, along with Tubby’s cousin on Saturday night.

Guest appearances by booze and pizza.

We didn’t think about taking a picture until like 3 in the morning on Saturday, so all the beer, Soho and Rin’s breezer’s were gone. Tubby pretty much chugged the Captain Morgan to make up for spending Friday night sober.

Relatively sober…

Even Sugar drank this time, without passing out in the closet or running up 2 floors for ice either. We almost got diarhbetes from Tubby’s cocktail too xD

I did find a few awesome cosplays though, not counting Benton’s pool party.

Gundam girl~

Cutest Ranka I’ve seen to date :U

HK’s friend Amy(?) as Lady Gaga, with a sword and the Gundam Girl’s head gear. xD

Bernelli! I haven’t played Granado Espada in ages. I was Suishou on SoTNW :3 I lost my screenshots when I upgraded to Windows 7 though. QQ

So, that means this is mostly a loot post, as well as a wtf have you been up to thing.

HK/Japan Loot:

I didn’t go HK, but Leafie went and picked up goodies for her favourite onee-chan. I waaaas supposed to save for Japan next summer, but with my spending/planning on buying a laptop/dslr, if I go I won’t be splurging like I wanted to, or I’ll just settle for Hong Kong if Leafie goes again. I don’t have family in HK itself ( that I can remember) but a close family friend recently moved back, and since my mom’s family is pretty close in Guang Zhou, I can always just crash at either one. Or with Leafie. :’D

I didn’t go Japan either, but Rin was nice enough to grab me stuff too!

The Idolm@ster illustration collection includes the new Dearly Stars works as well; meaning album covers and as well as other commercial work. -Japan

The Toradora! (KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA♥) Encyclopedia contains illustrations and notes from the light novel, the manga, the anime AND the PSP game! :O – Hong Kong

Not actually from either trip, but Expo, I just happened to snap the pictures together because I meant to do this loong ago. The 100 Masters of Bishoujo Painting I originally bought for Range Murata as well as a few others.

K-on!! and Toradora! doujins form C78, and I’ll give you 3 guesses who got them for me.

K-On!! Grab bag thingy with cards, clear folders and a doujin Leafie got me in HK :O along with

The OP/ED single for K-On!! and Supercell’s Sayonara Memories aaand

Nana Mizuki’s new album, Impact Exciter, which my mom has trouble pronouncing. It’s 1 CD, 1 DVD and a mini photobook.

Another Taiga pillow to keep me company at night from Japan, as well as a Shana tumbler and a wait for it…..punching bag. Yeah. I thought Rin was joking too. Turns out he wasn’t.

Size comparison with my Mina Tumbler. The Shana one still reeks of Soho as of September 19, 2010.

fyi, no I haven’t inflated it yet.

Pest -X is from Japan, while Noblesse and Vardant are from Expo. X is already built and on my table, but Noblesse is half finished, and I might not start Vardant until I get an airbrush set, which I should soon, because I need to take Momo’s cannon off hiatus /desk. I’M SORRRY QA Q

Also, I’m really starting to love Kotobukiya’s model kits more than Bandai’s. Koto is already tied for my favourite figure company with GSC.

I’ll put up pics of Noblesse/Vardant as I work on them, and compare the Koto kits to Bandai later.

Expo Loot:

Actually, they were all included in the earlier section. :’D

Like I said, damaged artbooks and bootlegged figures made up the stores that I was interested in. I most likely won’t be going back to Expo, unless it’s back in the other building and drinking rooms are in the equation. I’m gonna try and go to ConG in Guelph and maaaaybe Otakuthon (spelling?) in Quebec. The latter one is a huge maybe.

    • kgods
    • September 21st, 2010

    Looks like you had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there is no doujins at my local con… yet. I’ll be looking though next year. Fun times!

    • Well, it was more the after party itself that was fun xD
      It’s hard to find cons that carry doujins, unless it’s local artists, or if you have a shop that orders them from Japan.

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