Summer 2010!

Warning. The following post contains course language, violence, sexual content, opinionated ramblings, fangirling, rage quit, and lesbian schoolgirls. Reader discretion is advised.

Not that anyone cares anyways.

So anyways, it’s been a while since I’ve done a real post with content, so here I am, pumped full of caffeine and anticipation for the fall line-up. Before I can let summer 2010 end, I need to debrief on the stuff I’ve watched, rage at the failures, fwee at the success and of course, pick out more 2D waifus to worship.

tl;dr pent up faggotry

So in case you’ve been living under a rock the past summer, or decided to skip the season because you spent half of it in Hong Kong like a certain imouto-chan of mine >:|, here’s the lineup:

and the stuff I originally decided on watching

Personally, this has been one of the better seasons for me. There were lolis,  oppai, comedy, love, sexual innuendos and of course, more lolis. Unfity-unfunf.  Enough  foreplay introductions though, let’s get down to business. As always, italics mean spoilers, so don’t bitch and complain afterwords.

Highschool of the Dead

One of the most anticipated animes of the season, since the manga left off halfway through the story for like, fuck forever. What’s good about it? Cleavage and violence and zombies. Durr? The anime kept relative to the manga, from what I remember anyways. It barely strayed from Daisuke Sato’s story if at all. Rei’s still bitchy, Takagi’s still bratty and Busujima is even more awesome thanks to the voice work and this:


So at the end of the season, I’m left waiting for more.

They’ve only just left Takagi mansion, which means there still a lot more to go. There are story arcs that have yet to be solved, and of course much more angst to watch unfold. Rei and Takashi’s relationship hasn’t really been advanced as much as the manga; most liekly to build on the harem aspect that’s helped sell this series so much.

This most likely means, of course, a season two, maybe as soon as winter or early 2011.

For the most part, the voice casting was pretty good. Kitamura Eri and Sawashiro Miyuki as Takagi and Saeko respectively were excellent choices. Kitamura’s always done well with the self-confident/ojou-sama roles; Kawashima Ami from Toradora!, iM@S Xenoglossia’s Kikuichi Makoto are prime examples, and Takagi fits well into both these categories. Meanwhile, Sawashiro’s deeper, soft tone puts her pairs nicely with the mysterious Saeko. As for Inoue Marina, I don’t think she was a bad choice for Rei, but I think there might have been better ones. Her voice is a bit too cheerful, and with roles like Kana from Minami-ke to her name, it’s hard not to associate the bitchy Rei with the lovable dolt. Although, I’ll admit, I’m not too familiar with Inoue outside of Minami-ke, Valkryia, Maria+Holic and Gurren Lagann, so I could be wrong about this.

Each episode has a different ED from what I remember, while the OP is the same. One of the best EDs of the season, imo, is Hollow Men, from I forgot which episode, while the OP, Highschool of the Dead (real fucking original), is somewhere up high on my list for best OP of the season.

Verdict: Loved it. Could have used a lot more action/story and less ridiculous service shots. I’m looking at you boobymatrixthing.

Amagami SS

Before the season started, I was really interested in how they’d pull this off. Omnibus with 6 heroines meaning 4 episodes each? I was afraid the arcs would be rushed. After 3 heroines, I must say, it’s rushed, but not as bad as I thought it would be. In their defense, each arc technically only lasts a few months, which means they can only put in so many events and still have it seem realistic. They do have enough to explain how they could have fallen in love, but we don’t seem to learn too much about each character. We pick up enough to determine what type of personality they have, but that kind of stuff can easily be established in an episode or two. Luckily, because each girl makes cameo appearances in each arc, we’re not completely dependent on their 4 episodes to learn to love them, or in some cases, worship them.

The voicing cast is pretty nice too. I have to admit though, Nakata’s voice type, the typical high pitched cutesy moe-blob thing, gets annoying so fast. Still funny thinking that Nakata and Lucky Star’s Akira has the same seiyuu. Itou Shizuka and Satou Rina both have  jack of all trade voices so not much to comment. I think Shizuka does well as ojou-sama types though, her voice is clear and firm. Waiting to see if Nanasaki is actually dandere like I thought she would be before I judge on her voice though. I’m not too familiar with Yukana’s roles, other than CC.

Each seiyuu sings her own ED, while azusa’s i Love is the OP. According to Delon, there’s going to be a new OP soon.

Verdict: Halfway through the season, I must say I like it. Tachibana is a creepy little wimp, so seeing him score is annoying, but at the same time, there’s a bit of a heart warming feeling from a lot of the episodes. Also, needs moar Morishima-senpai in a bathrobe. @Hitori Sama, I have a poster of that on my wall btw, hate me <3

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi

My thoughts from the beginning have pretty much stayed throughout the entire series; Ookami-san is cute, funny and sometimes just outright insane.  I am honestly hoping for a season 2, because there’s still a lot to cover imo; Alice and the Pres and Marjoly barely had any time of their own, not to mention Ookami barely got to show off her dere side (unless you count the memory loss/flash backs), nor did she ever really settle things with Hitsujikai. Liszt’s promise of a war is more than enough premise to expect more of this anime in the future. Here’s to more of Otogi Bank’s antics? o/

Remember how I was originally iffy about Ito voicing a tsundere? Well I take it back, she did pretty damn good. In hindsight, Kugimiya’s voice wouldn’t have matched Ryoko’s type of tsundere either. I love the rest of the cast as well. Toyosaki Aki as Otohime duking it out with my beloved Kugimiya’s Usami; Itou Kanae as Ringo Akai ( Saten Ruiko and  Serizawa Fumino are voiced by her too) and Horie Yui as Alice, which I did not pick up at all, she’s really an amazing seiyuu, capable of all sorts of roles.  Other notable seiyuus in Ookami’s massive cast includes Koyama Kimiko (Sendo Yukari/Tsukuyomi Komoe) as tMarjoly, Fukui Yukari (Shizuka-sensei in HoTD, Teppelin Nia) as Shirayuki, Mugi-chan’s Kotobukiya Minako as the buck-toothed little pimp buck toohed Nezumi Chuutarou and of course, Arai Satomi as the narrator.

Verdict: Awesome, it’s cute, its funny and it gives the fables and fairy tales I grew up with an all new moe-tastic view. Not only that, but I think I now suffer from U-Type Kugimiya Virus Hypersensitive Cerebral Corticalitis as well. Thanks Usami.

Seikimatsu Occult Gakuen

Story wise, Occult Academy was the best this season; no contest. It was way better than I expected, humour, romance, action and several major twists in the plot. As for originality, time traveling agents going back in time to save the world, been done. Execution was pretty good though, and that makes a huge difference sometimes.  I don’t even want to talk about it anymore in case I spoil something, because I already know the italics thing doesn’t work. Shut up and go watch it.

Character design was pretty good, I don’t remember much about fashion from the late 90s, because I was like what, 10 back then? However as for personalities and character interactions, they were pretty well done for the most part. The bond between Maya and Ami is the best established connection in the story, while the romantic aspect with Maya and Bunmei was poorly done.

The voicing was fair. It was the first time I’ve seen Hikasa Youko playing a serious role as the ojou-sama type Maya, which wasn’t bad, but at the same time I don’t think she can pull it off completely yet. Maybe it’s just Maya’s character, but there are times when I feel that Hikasa didn’t sound as annoyed or arrogant as she should have given the circumstances. I freaking love Kobayashi Yu’s voice changes from super serious to spazztastic, and it happens more than enough to satisfy me both in Occult Academy and in Seitokai Yakuindomo. I had no idea that Minori Chihara was Mikaze, which shows the versatility of a more experienced seiyuu compared to one that’s just starting out. Takagaki Ayahi and Hanazawa Kana makes appearances as Ami and Kozue respectively as well.

Verdict: It was so awesome it fried my brain.

And Kozue’s.

Strike Witches Season 2

I’m actually kind of disappointed by season 2. For the most part it was the same as season 1, cute girls, yuri antics and the occasional angst, but it seems like there was a lot less depth to most of the stories compared to season 1, other than the Barkhorn/Hartmann/Marseille and the Eila/Sanya arc. Miyafuji is still naive and straightforward to helping people, and doesn’t stray from this at all. Mio is still all about fighting, and Minna barely does anything again. In fact, none of the other characters really develop at all. The ending was pretty much the same as the first, witches are to be replaced by a superweapon powered by Neuroi technology, it goes ballistic and the witches have to save the day. Only this time it’s a ship and not a jet. To add insult to injury, Miyafuji AND Mio lose all their magic in the end, which is pretty fail, because they only took care of the Neuroi in Romagna… I’d assume there are more in other parts of Europe, and we already know they exist in Africa still, because Marseille and the others are still stationed there. Fail.

Verdict: I didn’t hate Strike Witches Season 2; it was cute and funny at times, so I actually kind of liked it. I just think it could have been a lot better.

Nurarihyon no Mago

Didn’t make it past episode 1. lololol \o/


I’m sorry to say this, but K-On!! was another disappointment. Like Strike Witches, I liked it a lot; it just could have been better. Many of the jokes seemed recycled or forced, and as far as slice of life moeblob comedies go, some of those “jokes” were just pathetic. It did get better as the season neared it’s end, when there was less moe-spoon feeding and more slice of life-ing. In any case, I doubt the fan-dom will die out, and knowing the market, there probably will be a K-On!!! with Azunyan going to the same university and everything starts again.

I just hope they do a better job handling it.

Verdict: Meh~ needs more Azunyan.

That pretty much covers my original to-watch list, but I picked up some others as well.

Cat Shit One

Not sure if this even counts as an anime but, hey, it’s listed.

I really don’t know what to say…it’s about as cute as counter-terrorism gets though. When’s the next one coming out?

Black Rock Shooter OVA

Kuroi Mato is voiced by Hanazawa Kana, Takanashi Yomi by Sawashiro Miyuki and Asumi Kana voice Yuu, a relatively solid cast.

I never thought that something with so little lesbian schoolgirls could have so much lesbian schoolgirls. When I heard there was going to be a BRS OVA, I wasn’t expecting most of the story to be about schoolgirl drama. By itself, the Mato x Yomi thing might have made an ok movie or series, but I was really expecting to see more of the BRS universe , or at least have a balanced ratio of the two. We really get no story about the namesake, other than the bits we assume based on the high school parallel.

All in all, the high school parts were cute and heart warming, I just feel it was out of place. I must also commend the quality of the animation overall, while there are scenes that seem skimpy in quality, the designs are great:

Oh, I did mention there were lesbian schoolgirls right?

Break Blade

More of an OVA than a regular anime, Broken Blade or Break Blade seemed like I would really like it. Mecha action without outrageously overpowered hero units, with a side of Hanazawa Kana and Saitou Chiwa as well. I thought it would be orgasmic actually.

I actually didn’t make it past the first 20 minutes, partially because I had to go to work, but also because it seemed too much like the generic fantasy anime. Costume designs were average, and the overall setting seemed over done. The mecha designs weren’t spectacular, which is to be expected because they’re meant to be mass produced, but they were well designed and fit the setting quite well.

To make things worse, does the thing about friends being torn apart and put onto opposing sides of a war sound familiar? Gundam Seed, Code Geass, what else?

Verdict: I’m not too impressed overall. However, I can’t really judge from watching so little. I might pick it up again later, but not for a while.

Black Lagoon OVA: Roberta’s Blood Trail

Are you asking me what I think about an OVA focusing on my favourite battle maid from one of my favourite series? Why don’t you go and ask when the second episode comes out instead. I loved it. Roberta hasn’t really gotten any action yet, but Fabiola’s already done some target practice, and the story has only just begun.

Seitokai Yakuindomo

I’m not saying this is high-class entertainment; in fact it’s the complete opposite. Nothing but dirty gag comedy. Not that I’m complaining. It was hilarious. To be able to take every little situation and turn it into an erotic joke is something only a master can do, and watching this has put me one step closer to achieving such an honour.

Arai Satomi plays the pervy photographer, Kobayashi Yu as the pervy teacher advisor, Shimoda Asami plays Tsuda’s pervy sister, the air-headed pervert Shichijou Aria is voiced by Satou Satomi and Hikasa Youko voices the erotic Amakusa Shiino. The relatively normal Sanzenin Nagi Hagimura Suzu is voiced by Yahagi Sayuri, who I’m actually not too familiar with.

Fun fact: if I remember correctly, a friend of mine actually worked with one of the subbers on this title :U

Verdict: I want season 2

Asobi ni Iku Yo!

In some ways, it’s a pretty stereotypical harem anime, useless male protag who’s surrounded by beautiful ladies and makes no real contribution to the plot. The females are the ones driving the plot, and each is a femme fatale in their own ways.

In Asobi ni Iku Yo, the Catian Eris (Itou Kanae)  meets Kakazu Kio (Tamura Mutsumi, yes he’s so gar he’s being voiced by a female) at his family gathering, which she stumbled upon. After a slight turn of events, his home becomes an embassy to the Catian planet. Eventually, Kio’s childhood friend, gun otaku and CIA agent in training, Manami ( Haruka Tomatsu) and his friend, the shy Futaba Aoi ( Hanazawa Kana) who happens to be a secret weapon for the Japanese government takes refuge in the embassy and all sorts of fun begin. After all, Eris and the rest of the Catians are here to play!

Kakazu might be relatively useless to the plot, accept as an accessory, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one. From kidnapping fanatics, combat maids, giant spaceships, Russian spies and a magic wielding figure otaku, Asobi ni Iku Yo packs all sorts of goodies in one season. Unfortunately, there isn’t likely to be a season 2.

Verdict: Loves it. Loves Aoi too, can’t wait til my daki of her comes.

Shukufuku no Campanella

I actually haven’t finished this series yet, but it’s more or less because I haven’t found time for the last episode. I picked this up rather late after reading about it from aniotabot on Twitter.

The story follows the members of the guild Oasis as well as it’s neighbouring Tortillas Company. During a meteor shower, one of the meteors, which is actually made of an energy called Eru, hits the chapel where Leicester Maycraft and his friends are, and wakes up a young girl named Minette who wants to spread joy and happiness to the world along with Oasis and Tortillas Company.

Actually, I was expecting more from this title. Typical harem, with a bit of humour, and barely any of the fantasy adventures that I assumed an adventurer’s guild would go on. Seemed more like a generic moe-blob fantasy thing; some of the character designs were rather bland and overdone, and Leicester’s character is perfect to a point where it’s disgusting. Still, there were some good parts, though it seems like Salsa , Ritos and Golem who were meant to be supporting characters were responsible for those parts.

Verdict: Average anime, nothing gained, nothing lost in watching it to be honest with you, I’m just going to finish it because I’m an episode away.


If Kodomo no Jikan and Seitokai Yakuindomo met and had a child that reared offspring with Pani Poni Dash, you would have Mitsudomoe, a gag comedy involving the troublesome Marui triplets and their antics with the rest of the class, and of course their hapless teacher Yabe Satoshi. Seriously, just watch this and you’ll see what I mean. I actually hurt myself laughing watching this.

No where as painful as this though.

It’s got a solid cast with Haruka Tomatsu as the gloomy Hitoha, Akesaka Satomi as the pervy muscle head Futaba and Takagaki Ayahi as the sadist Mitsuba and a variety of names as supporting characters.

Verdict: Isn’t it obvious enough?

Personally, this was one of the busier summer seasons yet, 15 titles that I followed, one dropped and 2 that I’ve yet to start ( The Koihime OVA and the Monster Hunter web short).  Some were great, some were not. Below, ohime-sama ranks her favourites based purely on her own whim, because you know, I’m a princess, that’s how I swing.

Best Anime overall:

3. Occult Academy- Excellent storyline, but some of the arcs were rather rushed. It might have been better if it was a longer series.

2.Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi- Cute and funny, with heart warming bits and an inventive twist on old classics.

1.Mitsudome! -I actually didn’t see this coming either, but I just had so much fun with this.

Honourary mention: Asobi ni Iku Yo, it’s a typical harem, but it really is interesting. Cute and definately  worth the watch.

Waifu Awards:

I always end up getting obsessed with certain characters for different reasons and this season was no exception.

3. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi / Ookami Ryouko (cv: Ito Shizuka)

There’s a charm in her strong will and kind heart. Also, tsundere who looks like Taiga.

2. Amagami SS / Tanamichi Kaoru (cv. Satou Rina )

The close friend you don’t realize you’re falling in love with is a staple in many animes and Amagami SS is no different. Kaoru’s attractive points are her sense of humour, self reliance and her outgoing personality

1. Asobi ni Iku Yo / Futaba Aoi (cv. Hanazawa Kana)

She’s moe incarnate; although shy and lacking in self confidence, the way she pulls through for the team , her commitment, meganeko and the pseudo-mecha musume aspect of her blew away the competition.

Honourary mention:

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi / Usami Mimi (cv. Kugimiya Rie)

Honourary mention only because she’s a supporting character, and is barely introduced as a character. From her episode and the few subsequent ones where she makes appearances, she been established as a hot-head ojou-sama type character with a soft inner side, and of course, fully decked in loli attire. Not only has she dished out insults, but she’s dealt pain in the form of lead pipes, sugar and a mizugi freak-out.  If she was a main character, she might just have taken first place from Aoi.

U-U-Usami-sama?… no no NOAAAAAUGGGHHFFfffffff ….

Best OP:

3. Highschool of the Dead – HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD by Kishida Kyōdan and The Akeboshi Rockets

Catchy, with a stylish animation.

2.Asobi ni Iku Yo – Now Loading…Sky! by Sphere

The seiyuu unit Sphere (Haruka Tomatsu, Takagaki Ayahi, Toyosaki Aki and Kotobukiya Minako) happens to be a new-found love for me since hearing Realife:Realove

1. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi – Ready Go! by May’n

It’s funny, I prefer most of May’n’s anime performances compared to her usual songs. Ready Go! is upbeat, catchy and the animation is unbelievably cute. I want gif’s of all those chibis * A*

Honourary mention: Shoko-tan’s Flying Humanoid was really good too, but it just didn’t rank on top 3.

Best ED:

Now, I generally avoid ED themes because too many of them are slow and time killers until the next episode. I do however listen to them at least once or twice.

Also, youtube fails for not having the TV versions of these songs, I wanted to have the original animations too -_-.

3. Kimi no Hitomi ni Koishiteru

I just really like this ok >:

2. Seitokai Yakuindomo – Aoi Haru by Angela

1. Asobi ni Iku Yo – Kokoro no Madobe Nite by Hanazawa Kana

I love her voice, love the lyrics, love the song.

Honourary mention:

Dammit Futaba!

Holy crap it’s refreshing to have content again.

I never actually did in any sexual content did I?

Oh wait, yes I did. G’night peons ;D

Looking forward to Fall 2010!

  1. Yes amagami will have a new op this sat.

    And i wonder who was the loser who watched SYD like almost 10-15 times per ep so he can actually provide some good subs? What a stupid guy xD

    (damn and i actually want to sub orenoimo now…orzzzzzzzzz)

    • hitori-sama
    • October 5th, 2010

    teh eff!!! with ur last pic……. wth…..

    ye. K-on had 24+2 eps to produce nice songs. in the end they were mediocre. season 1 caught us with a surprise, s2 they jus filled it with more moe than actual plot.

    HotD i was kinda hoping it’d last longer, but i guess it has to stop ther since the manga hasn’t gone too far off yet.

    lol Seitokai i was kinda hoping the prez and vice prez would get together lol. they’d be a nice couple.

    and honestly….wth with teh last pic……

  2. FINALLY! Someone who agrees with me about K-ON season 2! >< That's why I stopped watching around episode 7 or 8 because it was the same thing over and over again and their jokes just weren't funny. The moe-ness was going overboard so yeah :] glad to know someone agreed with me.

  3. OK. i admit, i skimmed a few sections (that i was interested in), such as okami, k-on, and etc.

    I completely agree w/ you on what you’ve said (on wat i’ve read that you said) { that goes for me second’ing nekorini’s shpeel }

    As i was skim-reading, and saw BRS, i thought “oh man, they’re gonna be jumping the bandwagon and exclaiming how awesome this was, and that this is THE SHIT. I’m so sorry i’ve doubted you, haha. Even tho i had no reason to in the first place cuz u were dead on w/ ur reviews.

    It’s nice to know that there’s a person out there that isn’t blind to quality over pure overrated fandom. (i like BRS, dont get me wrong. The quality in some parts were just plain dingy. and dont get me started on the storyline. What storyline??)

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