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I can’t believe Fall 2010 is ending already, and I’ve barely touched most of the titles I was meaning to watch, just so I could pay off figures and of course work on my portfolio. Guess which one took priority?

Anyways, I failed to introduce my choices this season at the beginning, so lets briefly go over that first.

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Summer 2010!

Warning. The following post contains course language, violence, sexual content, opinionated ramblings, fangirling, rage quit, and lesbian schoolgirls. Reader discretion is advised.

Not that anyone cares anyways.

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Girls Dead Monster: Keep the Beats

As requested by miyu, I’ve uploaded Girls DeMo’s Keep the Beats! album, complete with scans. I forgot where I dl’d it from, but credits go to whoever scanned/ripped/uploaded the original.


  1. Crow Song (Yui Vocals)
  2. Thousand Enemies
  3. Shine Days
  4. 23:50
  5. Run with Wolves
  6. Morning Dreamer
  7. Rain Song
  8. Alchemy (Yui Vocals)
  9. 一番の宝物
  10. Little Braver
  11. My Song
  12. My Soul, Your Beats (Yui Vocals)
  13. Brave Song


This is a massive loot post.

I realized I haven’t done one in weeks, and with all the stuff I ordered being released, and Leafie finally accepting the fact that she can not escape my wrath and returning on the 16th, I really might as well get this stuff our first. Besides, I’m going to really get cracking with that Rock Cannon and my portfolio soon; all while hopefully getting another job.

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I’m actually kinda glad

that they’re rocketing out of Rei’s bitchiness in HotD, unlike the manga which kinda dragged it on, because initial personality apart, she really is haawt.

Seriously though, needs moar Takagi/Saeko, and a lot less awkward light beams.

Wifeyy? Wh-what happened? D:

Answeeeer me QA Q!!!!!

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Once again~

Long hiatus, will do a better post later, but


Amagami SS ep4. Haruka arc end. 6 girls. 24 eps? <3

I really wasn’t expecting the studio to do the 6 arcs in this way. Italics = spoiler remember? Oh, the pic below is too, but ffs we all knew it’d happen.

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