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Summer 2010!

Warning. The following post contains course language, violence, sexual content, opinionated ramblings, fangirling, rage quit, and lesbian schoolgirls. Reader discretion is advised.

Not that anyone cares anyways.

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Oh, and uh~

I’m playing Metal Gear Solid:Peace walker atm.

It’s kick ass.

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Yes? Did someone mention maids, tigers, tanks and special police forces too?

Well they should have, because all that came in the mail today.

Witchcraft by Yamatogawa, Menkui by Tosh and Mankai Otome authored by Maybe.

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Did someone say pornography? Ov Q

That’s a monocle, not a typo, by the way.

So, who remembers that month or so when I raged at the Canadian Border Services Agency for being a bunch of conservative rooster-vacuums?

You know, that month when they confiscated and denied my appeal to let that H manga I bought across the border.

This H manga:

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Holy crap it’s been a while.

Now that school is pretty much over, AN is over and I kinda have some time to kill, lets all sit around and listen to ohime-sama ramble about the past couple weeks.

Attendance is mandatory, or death shall fall upon you.

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Poritics debateeeee D;

So yeah, I’ve been really busy prepping for a politics debate, even though I don’t actually need the cred. It’s a group assignment, so I’d feel bad if I just decided to ditch it, like I’m doing with literature and writers craft. I haven’t had time to snap pics of my new Bakemonogatari puchi nendo set which came a few days ago, or to catch up on my anime. I probably won’t have those pics up til at least Tuesday. orz

Partially because it’s been such a pain in the ass to find what contributions have been made by certain countries to Africa for HIV/AIDS benefits. I spent most of last night after work and part of this morning doing it, so I haven’t actually done much besides scouring the internet. It’s not too different than from what I usually do, but after a night of dead ends, I was ready to unleash my puchinendo army on the world.

Unfortunately, I live in this world, so destroying it won’t actually do me any good.

So from one raging student to another, take breaks every so often, taking that extra stress off really helps you concentrate afterwards. I’d recommend a nice, hot cup of chamomile tea, followed by a peaceful yoga session.

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I love the smell of Moe in the morning.

Actually, it’s pretty good any time of the day.

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