I didn’t do that exam I studied so hard for. Got my times mixed up. Oops. :’D


Weekend recap

It’s Sunday night.


That mean’s exam period is over. Almost. I have my Modern Western history one tomorrow, then I’m done. I’m  not worried about it though. I’ve already done the course, so much of it is review, technically. My memory isn’t the greatest, but a quick visit to wikipedia should be more than enough review. Yeah, wikipedia, because organization isn’t my forte either. Anyways, the only thing I should worry about is when regular classes start again.

For those curious individuals who want to know what kind of intense studying Idid to give me such confidence about tomorrow, I shall pass onto you an ancient Princessian studying technique. Continue reading

The Princess

has been a lazy ass and didn’t really think up a good intro yet. I’ll do it later.

Until then, I’m forcing you all to gaze upon this useless text.


Also, she screwed up the order of the posts. This one should have been first. Awww fark. Adding the rage tag just for that.

The Stash

I’m still a fledgling collector, so this isn’t really anything spectacular. Anyways, I’m going to have to update this tomorrow or on Friday with better individual pics. The lighting in my room is horrible and I really don’t like flash. I’m also not in the mood to fix up the mess.

And by mess, I mean my workstation, which is my way of making desk-covered-with-dust-and-little-girls sound nice.

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