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I can’t believe Fall 2010 is ending already, and I’ve barely touched most of the titles I was meaning to watch, just so I could pay off figures and of course work on my portfolio. Guess which one took priority?

Anyways, I failed to introduce my choices this season at the beginning, so lets briefly go over that first.

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Summer 2010!

Warning. The following post contains course language, violence, sexual content, opinionated ramblings, fangirling, rage quit, and lesbian schoolgirls. Reader discretion is advised.

Not that anyone cares anyways.

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Lol Delon, are you ready to get scared?

Behold the almighty PO list!

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Once again~

Long hiatus, will do a better post later, but


Amagami SS ep4. Haruka arc end. 6 girls. 24 eps? <3

I really wasn’t expecting the studio to do the 6 arcs in this way. Italics = spoiler remember? Oh, the pic below is too, but ffs we all knew it’d happen.

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