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Im a lazy failtard lol

This and more later this week or next, whenever I get time :3.
We’ve got a lot to cover my beloved peons.
And no my portfolio isn’t done nor am I up to date with my anime. I am up with Hyakka Ryouran, Amagami and MM! though 8D


FFFFFFFFinally <3

Lookie what I~~ got~~~ ♥

That’s right~

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Dir En Grey Concert was awesome.

Fan Expo, not so much, but the loot, the parties and the hanging out with friends was. End of discussion.

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Lol Delon, are you ready to get scared?

Behold the almighty PO list!

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This is a massive loot post.

I realized I haven’t done one in weeks, and with all the stuff I ordered being released, and Leafie finally accepting the fact that she can not escape my wrath and returning on the 16th, I really might as well get this stuff our first. Besides, I’m going to really get cracking with that Rock Cannon and my portfolio soon; all while hopefully getting another job.

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It’s so hot out @_@”

And even hotter in my room, where more PVC and polyester have recently found refuge on my table. Partially due to Ami and her bikini.

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Taigamania again rofl

Dakimakura :3

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