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FFFFFFFFinally <3

Lookie what I~~ got~~~ ♥

That’s right~

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Lol Delon, are you ready to get scared?

Behold the almighty PO list!

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Holy crap it’s been a while.

Now that school is pretty much over, AN is over and I kinda have some time to kill, lets all sit around and listen to ohime-sama ramble about the past couple weeks.

Attendance is mandatory, or death shall fall upon you.

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There is a God afterall.

I know, technically, there is a Goddess after all, but the important thing is I’ve become religious again. Why?

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Another hectic Wii-k

Its the first week of May, which means the middle of culminating projects. I’ve already had to do a politics debate on the UN, with another debate sometime in the next couple weeks, and i just finished my art assignment, which is pretty much a shiny golden butt.

Don’t ask.

Since it’s finally May, it also means a new page on my Toradora! calender, Anime North near the end of the month, as well as the beginning of a long chain of releases. I already received my Love Plus wall scroll/DSi case, now I’m just waiting on the key-charms/ the first of the Bakemonogatari Puchinendo sets. Theres so much I have on order right now I can’t list them off the top of my head. There’s the VN02 Miku for sure, as well as the Manaka Takane/Azunyan/Sakuya nendoroids, School Festival Mio Akiyama, t-shirts and a Dance in the Vampire Bund dakimakura.

Can’t. Wait. * A*

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Canadian Border Service Agency~ Imma callin yew out

Yeah, you bastards may have denied me of my Yamatogawa this time, but trust me, this wont be the end of it. I’m gonna buy even moar H, and we’ll see how much of it you can stop. For the record, it’s 4-1 in my favour right now. Brrrrring it on, you overly-politically-correct pansies.  Waaahahaha! Continue reading