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I can’t believe Fall 2010 is ending already, and I’ve barely touched most of the titles I was meaning to watch, just so I could pay off figures and of course work on my portfolio. Guess which one took priority?

Anyways, I failed to introduce my choices this season at the beginning, so lets briefly go over that first.

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Summer 2010!

Warning. The following post contains course language, violence, sexual content, opinionated ramblings, fangirling, rage quit, and lesbian schoolgirls. Reader discretion is advised.

Not that anyone cares anyways.

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Wifeyy? Wh-what happened? D:

Answeeeer me QA Q!!!!!

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Yes? Did someone mention maids, tigers, tanks and special police forces too?

Well they should have, because all that came in the mail today.

Witchcraft by Yamatogawa, Menkui by Tosh and Mankai Otome authored by Maybe.

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I can now die happy

I just dl’d the cd above; THE iDOLM@STER Break! Dai 3 Kan Genteiban Touken.

Look closely at the tracklist.

Look closely at who sings Renai Circulation.

Yeah. Rie Kugimiya.


Kaerimichi is done by Yayoi and Sugar Sweet Nightmare by Miki.

*A* x3

By request of Leafdust

Well, this is more fanservice than completing a request, buuuuut~

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