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FFFFFFFFinally <3

Lookie what I~~ got~~~ ♥

That’s right~

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Dir En Grey Concert was awesome.

Fan Expo, not so much, but the loot, the parties and the hanging out with friends was. End of discussion.

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Lol Delon, are you ready to get scared?

Behold the almighty PO list!

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This is how it’s done >:U

Remember this?

No? Well, I do.

And guess what I came across today on SanCom.

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Wifeyy? Wh-what happened? D:

Answeeeer me QA Q!!!!!

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It’s so hot out @_@”

And even hotter in my room, where more PVC and polyester have recently found refuge on my table. Partially due to Ami and her bikini.

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Taigamania again rofl

Dakimakura :3

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